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Top 16 Ranked CMS Platforms by Usage & Industry

Dan Slagen on Thu, Apr 30, 2015

With companies like Wordpress (which has practically become a household name) continuing to grow each year, you would think that EVERYONE is using a content management system these days. 


The truth of the matter is that only about 1/3rd of companies currently use a CMS platform.

We recently pulled data from over 140,000 of Alexa’s top ranked websites to measure current market share:

CMS market share:


Of those using a CMS, Wordpress is clearly the leader, followed by Drupal and Joomla. As for other notable players, SquareSpace, HubSpot and Wix have all been making waves over the past year either by going public or investing significant budget in both on and offline ad campaigns.

While the overall market share trends are interesting, we wanted to dig further to examine usage statistics by industry. 

CMS usage by industry:


Not surprising, the leaders are B2B Services, Internet, Media, Marketing and Software. The good news for sales teams everywhere, is that current adoption rates are low, with plenty of room to increase.

We then wanted to know how each CMS fared specifically by industry:


The numbers that shine amidst this subset mostly belong to Wordpress. For instance, 41% market share within Marketing, 39% market share within Design and 34% market within Media.

Overall, CMS adoption rates are still low as companies build their own systems or haven’t justified investing the time/resources needed for a successful CMS on-boarding process. The good news, is that these numbers will only continue to grow and most likely shift to mobile. 

If you are using one of the content management systems listed in this post, head to Crayon to see the best examples of website/landing pages across desktop and mobile! 

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