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Customer Corner: How Cognism's Compete Program Influenced $6 Million in Revenue

Enabling a sales team of hundreds of reps with real-time competitive intel is no easy feat. 

When Cognism partnered with Crayon — replacing their previous CI platform — the two person team of Kathy Thomson, Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Olivia Austin, Marketing Project Manager, wanted sales team adoption AND quick results. ⚡

According to Thomson: "Competitive intelligence needs to be as easy as possible for reps to consume — we're talking a few minutes tops." 

So, how did Crayon help Cognism get the sales team consistently using intel to close more (winnable) deals? 

1. Powerful Integrations 

To ensure solid adoption from the sales team, Cognism quickly integrated Crayon into all the places where their sellers spend time — Salesforce, Slack, and Seismic. 

With Crayon’s Salesforce integration, Cognism’s sales team accesses competitive battlecards directly on the opportunity record. The sales leadership team not only appreciates this easy access but also dives into unique reporting from Crayon on seller performance. The Seller Insights and Seller Engagement reports show which reps are using competitive assets to improve their win rates. 

Additionally, the Crayon + Slack integration has been particularly helpful since the Cognism team are heavy Slack users. In the dedicated Slack compete channel, daily questions get answered, breaking intel is shared, and field intel is submitted directly through Slack (instantly feeding into Crayon). 

2. Automatic Insights 

Capturing and aggregating real-time intel across their entire competitive landscape was a top priority for Cognism. With their previous CI tool, Olivia had to manually track each and every competitor page whereas Crayon automatically alerts the team when a new competitor page launches or if there's a major update and/or change to a page.   

3. Scaling CI 

Scaling competitive intelligence beyond the sales team was always a priority for Kathy and Olivia. While the sales team benefits from instant intel during competitive situations, other teams want (and need) to stay in the know on the competition. The product team at Cognism, for example, has saved searches for competitors so that they can better track competing functionality and upcoming features. 

With Crayon's scalability, more Cognism employees can stay attuned to their competitive landscape. 

So far, the Cognism compete team has achieved notable results with Crayon, including: 

33 — deals a month that are now being directly influenced by the Cognism compete program along with Crayon
6 — million! The amount of influenced revenue attributed to the compete program's efforts in less than a year 
250+ —  Cognism employees using Crayon for competitive intelligence with plans to scale Crayon's impact even further within the organization. 

Check out the full case study and if your team is interested in closing more competitive deals, reach out to Crayon for a personalized demo

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