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Are You Measuring Your CI Efforts? New Data Reveals It’s Time to Start [Infographic]

It’s that time again: the monthly marketing staff meeting where the growth team, content team, web team—you get the idea—will showcase their latest metrics. How are our efforts in these respective areas moving the needle?

If you’re in a product marketing and/or competitive intelligence role, you may not have as many bar charts as everyone else, but measuring KPIs against the work you’re doing is happening in some form or another—and it’s happening more frequently.

Below is an infographic from our partners at SCIP, outlining recent data from the 2022 State of Competitive Intelligence Report. In the report, we found that teams are increasingly focused on KPIs to measure the effectiveness of CI. In fact, since 2018, we’ve seen an 88% increase in the number of CI teams using defined KPIs. Even more encouraging: Of the teams not currently using defined KPIs, 74% of responding companies mentioned they have started the measurement process. It’s fairly clear that CI measurement is on everyone’s radar.

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