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How Alteryx Increased Battlecard Adoption 40% in Just 60 Days

According to the 2023 State of Competitive Intelligence report, 58% of those who measure their battlecards think they’re well-adopted. Among the ranks of that majority is Spencer Hong, Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Alteryx, who was able to boost battlecard adoption at his company 40% in just the first 60 days of launching his program.

The best part? More battlecard adoption resulted in an increased competitive win rate for Alteryx.

So, how did he do it?

Read the Alteryx + Crayon case study here to find out how Spencer got the job done and to see what made David Cooperberg, Manager of Market & Competitive Intelligence at Alteryx, say: “​​The feedback we get from new hires that have used other CI vendors is that Crayon is a more modern day, easy to adopt tool than what they’ve come from, and that it's a huge upgrade from what they’ve used in the past.”

For an even closer look at what it takes to run and maintain a high-performing CI program, check out Spencer’s appearance at our latest CI Live: Building Battlecards that Accelerate Adoption.


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