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Crayon AI filters and prioritizes the most important competitive insights—so you don't have to.

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Intelligent Filtering

Crayon filters out 99% of noisy data so you can focus on the 1% that's most important to your competitive strategy.

Crayon Picks

Crayon identifies, summarizes, and sends relevant insights to you based on your unique competitive landscape.

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2023 State Of Competitive Intelligence

AI-Powered Summarization

Crayon uses generative AI to automatically create ready to share summaries of news articles, blog posts, and press releases.

Automatic Tagging

You don't have to lift a finger as Crayon automatically classifies new intelligence into more than 80 subcategories.


Sentiment Analysis

Crayon uses natural language processing (NLP) to grade the sentiment of insights on a scale.

Importance Scoring

Crayon uses a machine learning (ML) model to dynamically score intelligence based on its impact in your market.

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Anomaly Detection

Crayon tracks trends across your competitors' digital footprints and alerts you when a significant anomaly occurs.

Website Tracking

Crayon has tracked millions of web page changes with automatic annotations as they happen.

Carolyn Klinger
Carolyn Klinger

Director of Market & Competitive Intelligence @ Affinity

"Crayon helps me dial in on the intel that is most relevant … [and] allows me to focus on providing strategic value to my company rather than sifting through hundreds of insights to uncover key takeaways for my stakeholders."

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