Activate Competitive Intelligence

Crayon is the most powerful CI software solution for building a sustainable business advantage


The Sharpest
Competitive Insights

No more jumping from one web page to another. No more hunting for weeks-old emails. Name the competitor, and Crayon will capture and help curate the most influential intel—on and off their website.

  • Centralize and organize the most actionable information, from millions of sources both inside and outside of your company, into a rich database of competitive intel 
  • Stay attuned to the pulse of your market through both real-time and historical analysis of CI data, helping you identify trends and opportunities—answering questions you didn’t even know to ask
  • Empower your organization through cutting-edge machine learning, advanced research tools, and an interface that’s always-on: available on any device, at any moment during the day
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The easiest way to activate CI

The Easiest Ways to
Activate Competitive Intel

A mountain of CI data without a way to use any of it is like holding a bag of nails without a hammer in sight. Give your company the tools to pound away at your rivals with software that helps competitive intel land with a bang.

  • Distribute relevant data in a simple, scalable way via an intuitive software platform that any of your colleagues can access—and through an easily customizable and shareable set of CI deliverables
  • Put CI into the hands of your entire organization through existing communications channels and business operations platforms via an easy-to-use interface that promotes conversation around key insights
  • A software platform with an adaptable set of best practices gives you the flexibility to bond it to your company’s existing CI structure—or build a program around it—with your key business objectives at its core

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The Broadest
Organizational Impact

No other solution helps you connect CI to a wider range of business outcomes: increased win rates, decreased churn, a more differentiated messaging strategy or product roadmap, and so much more. 

  • Use CI to inform tactical activity and inspire strategic initiatives within all of your company’s departments: sales & support, marketing, product development, executive leadership and everything in-between
  • Create a culture of competitive intelligence by connecting Crayon to your existing tech stack, helping your entire company identify opportunities and execute on intel in a collaborative way—no matter how distributed your team might be
  • Measure the effectiveness of your competitive intelligence program through quantifiable and qualifiable win/loss monitoring, easily consumable user engagement metrics, and directional after-outcome reporting
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Rob bois


Senior Director of Product Marketing at Fuze
Crayon makes our team more scalable. Given limited time and resources, Crayon enables us to leverage larger scale intelligence and cut through the noise other tools have presented. Crayon also finds intelligence we never would have found before.

Track all of your competitive intel, all in one place

Don't miss out on anything important: monitor a competitor's complete digital footprint, catching any update that happens—either on or off their website


Automatically track more than 100 types of intel across millions of unique data sources


Stay on top of everything: pricing updates, messaging pivots, team changes, SEC filings, and more


Combine insights from both your rival’s digital footprint and intel from your team in the field

Look deeper, learn more, win constantly

All that time you used to invest in manual research? Spend it working on something that really moves the needle: competitive analysis.


View weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly perspectives to identify meaningful trends


Create word clouds to understand the messaging that each rival is putting out into market


Dive deep into specific sub-categories to help give every department ways to activate CI

Now, put that all CI data to work

Drive tangible business impact through a user interface and CI deliverables that can help you win more deals, retain more customers, and dominate your market


Label, star, pin, and comment on insights to highlight key findings and add important context 


Share insights by email, Slack, or PDF, or export to CSV for deeper analysis and reporting


Customizable reports, battlecards, and weekly digests make it easy to distribute curated CI

dominic litten


Chief Marketing Officer at Budget Dumpster
Crayon gives us every type of intel we need to gain a competitive edge across our efforts. There’s something for every stakeholder - from content to positioning to news and more - everything we need to drive marketing decisions.

It’s time to Compete Like You Mean It.

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