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The State of Competitive Intelligence in 2024: AI Meets CI

Looking back, what two words would you use to define the past 18 months or so? If you say Taylor Swift, well, you’re not wrong. But we’d have to go with artificial intelligence (AI).

As of January 2024, ChatGPT has logged over 180 million users. The average person can use the chatbot to customize resumes, craft jokes, simplify heady topics, and even plan a vacation itinerary.  

AI is quickly seeping into our daily routine — and it seems the competitive intelligence space is no exception. In Crayon’s newly released 2024 State of Competitive Intelligence Report (download it here!), we surveyed 700+ CI professionals and discovered many are either using AI or plan to use it soon. Check out these numbers:

  • 25% of CI leaders already use AI tools
  • 56% say they plan to adopt AI tools in the near future
  • 47% say they started using it at work within the past year
  • 48% say they use AI tools daily

You get the point; CI leaders are quickly adopting AI into their workflows, and are largely turning to free ChatGPT (47%), paid ChatGPT (45%), Google Gemini (38%), and Microsoft Bing Chat  (28%) to help with job responsibilities.

Why does this matter?

First of all, selling remains highly competitive. Our survey found that for the average software company, 65% of sales opportunities are competitive.

What’s more, companies are increasingly looking for ways to gain an edge as they enable their sales teams with intel and content assets like battlecards (a whopping 79% of CI pros responded that they arm sales teams with battlecards). 

While it’s critical to equip sales teams with the right competitive intel at the right time in today’s highly competitive environment, it’s a challenge for CI teams to keep up. Our survey found that 58% of CI pros say that keeping battlecards and content updated is a struggle. Another 58% report that gathering competitive intel in a timely manner is also a frequent challenge.

Here's where AI comes in 

Forward-thinking business leaders are quickly integrating AI into their operations. To stay competitive in a sustainable way, CI leaders should consider the use of AI as the “new normal” rather than a fleeting trend. Doing so can help sales but also give your team valuable time back which is typically spent on manual, time-intensive tasks.

CI teams say they use AI to:

  • Summarize content related to my competitors with key takeaways (67%)
  • Improve writing (56%)
  • Collect competitive intelligence (50%)

Is your compete team embracing AI? And if so, how do you envision AI helping you and your team become more efficient and effective? 

Check out the full 2024 State of Competitive Intelligence report for insights on the competitive landscape, the current challenges CI professionals face, and of course, the role AI is playing in transforming CI. Download your copy today

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