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Some Competitors Don’t Deserve Your Time: Why Gong and Crayon Are Better Together

There’s a trope in teen movies where the protagonist’s mom prepares an extraordinary breakfast — eggs, bacon, bagels, fresh fruit, coffee, orange juice — only for said protagonist (annoying, self-absorbed) to absent-mindedly walk out the door with a single piece of bacon.

It’s infuriating. The amount of time and love that goes into a breakfast like that … makes my blood boil just thinking about it.

But I’m often reminded of it as I listen to product marketers talk about competitive intel (CI). These folks dedicate a lot of time (not so much love, I don’t think) to educating their sales teams on their competitors, only for most of the output to be ignored.

Not because sellers, like fictional adolescents, are self-absorbed — but because there’s a disconnect between sales and product marketing. PMMs seldom have the data they need to distinguish the competitors that matter from the competitors that don’t. And so they waste time creating battlecards and other kinds of competitive content that hardly anyone needs.

It’s a big problem — but an easy one to solve. Simply connect Crayon and Gong and we’ll tell you which competitors deserve your time.

A weekly recap email sent from heaven

Think about Monday morning. Birds are chirping. Coffee is brewing. You’re throwing emails in the trash like they’re Christmas cards from family friends.

But then you see it — your favorite recurring email. Sent to you automatically by Crayon and Gong, the email recaps the previous week by listing:

  • The competitors that your prospects mentioned most
  • The calls that contained the most competitor mentions
  • The sellers that encountered the most competitor mentions


Thanks to this weekly recap email, you always know which competitors deserve your time. You can focus on enabling your sellers to beat the competitors with which they compete most often and stop worrying about the rest (for now, at least). Everyone wins.

Pro tip: Spread the wealth! Subscribe your sales leaders to the recap email. They’re your partners, and they need this data as much as you do.

A daily recap email personalized to each seller

You know what would suck? Finally figuring out which competitors deserve your time, only to discover that your sellers still aren’t using the battlecards you create for them.

That’s why our Gong integration includes a second recap email — one that goes directly to your sellers. One that’s personalized to each individual seller, in fact.


Every day, each seller gets a personalized recap of the previous day that (1) lists the competitors mentioned on their calls and (2) reminds them to use the corresponding battlecards.

Pro tip: Think carefully about how you label each section of your battlecards. Within 3 seconds of landing on a battlecard, your sellers should know where to go to find exactly what they need. Make each label as clear and succinct as possible. Why we win. Competitor FUD. Trap questions. Customer stories. You get the idea.

Send this video to whomever needs to authorize the Gong + Crayon integration

If you have Gong and you want to know which competitors deserve your time, get in touch with your Crayon customer success manager. And make sure to send the video you see below to whomever at your company needs to authorize the Gong + Crayon integration.


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