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How Salsify and Dropbox Reap the Benefits of Crayon + Slack

Slack is the communication backbone of tens of thousands of companies around the world because while it’s true that knowledge is power, we all know that the true power comes only once that knowledge is shared. 

The two-way Crayon + Slack Integration allows you to instantly deliver curated insights to relevant stakeholders, while capturing field intel about your rivals where it’s already being discussed — in Slack!


Need more convincing? Read on for how Salsify and Dropbox use the Crayon + Slack Integration to increase their competitive win rates and drive battlecard program adoption.

For Salsify, Crayon + Slack = Higher Competitive Win Rates

When Nathan Teplow, Competitive Intelligence Director at Salsify, created his first CI Slack channel he had a vision in mind: engagement in the channel wouldn’t just be driven by his own contributions, but instead would be a curation of intel and thoughts from around the company.

“We have a highly-active Slack channel where a lot of engagement comes from our co-founders and executives,” said Nathan. “They're in tune with what's going on, and they'll chime in on that channel with their own perspective, as people with years of experience in this industry. And over half of the entire company is actively seeing and learning from this.”

And thanks to the Crayon + Slack Integration, all the engagement and intel sharing that happens within Salsify’s Slack channels is seamlessly captured in Crayon and Crayon deliverables, like battlecards. 

Nathan then used that team mindset as a jumping off point to create the invaluable feedback loop his CI program needed to scale and enabling the entire company. “To keep competitive intelligence an open and ongoing conversation I push the team to share info back to me, because the more eyes and ears we have out there, the better the CI program is,” said Nathan. 

“One of the sections of our newsletter is field intel, which is collected via Crayon’s Slack integration. I highlight and promote the people sharing info back to give visibility to valuable insights shared by the field, and to encourage others to take part.”

Nathan’s competitive intelligence feedback loop did the trick, with 78% of Competitive Revenue in 2022 being influenced by Crayon — the result of a 22% increase in competitive win rate for the year and high battlecard engagement across the team.

For Dropbox, Crayon + Slack = Increased Battlecard Adoption

For George Baier IV, Director of Product Marketing at Dropbox, the Crayon + Slack integration was a critical component of his initiative to create a company-wide competitive culture.

Before Crayon, George had no formal system of communicating competitive insights to Dropbox teams — so when someone had a brilliant insight that could help multiple departments achieve their goals, there was no way to ensure it was delivered to the right people.

Now, thanks to the Crayon + Slack integration, Dropbox sends a weekly CI memo to inform the entire company of the latest relevant insights and a dedicated CI Slack channel that hundreds of employees have voluntarily joined. Through these channels the product, sales, marketing, comms, and executive teams at Dropbox are all regularly consuming competitive intel — and George has noticed a shift in how they're thinking about the competition:

“There's momentum. When people around the company know there’s a competitive intelligence team, look to them, read their newsletter, join their Slack channel, contribute field intel — when you start creating that competitive culture, that’s your success metric. It’s a cultural shift around how you think about competition in a productive way, knowing there’s a team leading the charge.”

Due to George’s dedication to using the Crayon + Slack integration to distribute competitive intelligence across Dropbox and successfully fostering a competitive culture, he has seen a 400% increase in battlecard adoption.

Ready to compete like Salsify and Dropbox?

Higher win rates and increased battlecard adoption — that’s why Crayon and Slack are better together. When you’re ready to compete like Salsify and Dropbox, put your Slack admin in touch with the Crayon team and we’ll take care of the rest.

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