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Introducing Crayon Answers: AI-Powered Insights and Content Creation at Your Fingertips

The sales landscape is fiercely competitive: A staggering two-thirds of open deals are head-to-head with competitors. But traditional competitive enablement is failing. Too many reps are left to do their own legwork, hunting down vital information spread across multiple tools and sources.

In a competitive deal, every advantage matters. There has to be a better way to arm reps and drive more wins against your fiercest competition.

Introducing: Crayon Answers

Crayon Answers - powered by Crayon AI - is a powerful companion for every sales rep that helps them find the right competitive information instantly.


With a single search, reps can access the latest insights about a competitor, like their strengths, weaknesses, pricing model and more.

Conversational Intelligence at Work

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Crayon Answers leverages your individual competitive assets to provide real-time conversational answers. Reps can ask anything about your competitors, from their core strengths and pricing models to their regional presence. 

Gone are the days of wading through mountains of data - Crayon Answers delivers concise, easy-to-understand responses to reps instantly.

Turning Insights into Action

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Crayon Answers goes beyond simple competitive enablement; It's a true creation engine. 

With a single prompt, reps can have Crayon Answers instantly generate targeted follow-up emails or craft compelling sales talk tracks based on the competitive intelligence they've uncovered.

In a competitive market where every business is trying to do more with less, Crayon Answers is a force multiplier that helps your reps focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Boosting Efficiency and Effectiveness

Crayon Answers isn't just about competitive enablement; it's about boosting overall sales effectiveness. By eliminating time-consuming content creation tasks, reps can dedicate more energy to high-impact activities. The result? A faster, more agile sales force that consistently outperforms the competition.

Supercharge Your Sales Success

Don't let your sales team be held back by outdated processes. Crayon Answers is the intelligent companion that equips reps with the insights and tools they need to win.

Ready to learn more about how Crayon Answers can transform your sales strategy? Contact us today!

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Garrett Denney
Garrett Denney is the VP of Product Marketing at Crayon. Previously, he led product marketing at Revalize and Jamf.