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It’s a Three-Peat: Crayon Is Once Again Named the PMA Pulse Leader for Competitive Intelligence

In the world of sports, a team that wins three or more championships in the span of only a few years is considered a dynasty. Today, Crayon is celebrating a dynasty of our own in the competitive intelligence market. Crayon has, for the third year in a row, been named a leader in the PMA Pulse

The Product Marketing Alliance community is dedicated to educating product marketers so that PMMs can successfully grow in their careers. Among the many things that product marketers own as part of their jobs is competitive intelligence — and owning competitive intelligence is becoming increasingly critical as markets get more competitive. Crayon’s State of Competitive Intelligence report revealed that 59% of CI practitioners say their markets have gotten “much more competitive in recent years.” And in the soon to be released 2023 edition, we found that a whooping 66% of sales opportunities for SaaS companies are now considered “competitive.” 

With increased competition, owning CI on top of messaging, product launches, and more can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there’s technology. The Pulse report provides guidance on the best technology solutions for product marketers — helping PMMs evaluate their tech stack.

After a thorough evaluation, Crayon is proud (for the third time!) to be named the leader in the competitive intelligence category of the Pulse. Being named a leader for three years in a row, is an emphatic confirmation that our customers are succeeding with CI and driving next-level sales adoption and success with our platform. During these challenging economic times, organizations need a partner like Crayon who can help them win deals while retaining more customers.

We’re honored by the recognition from the PMA and thrilled that the best product marketers in the world rank Crayon #1. For more information, check out Crayon’s news announcement.

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