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The Best Sales Enablement Tool Just Got Better: Introducing Crayon Battlecards

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Bryan Dunn on Tue, Oct 30, 2018

The speed of competition has never been faster. Over the last decade, innovations like Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing have allowed companies to improve their products, change their positioning, and find new verticals to sell into at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, product marketing and sales enablement professionals still lack the tools to keep their sales team up to date with relevant information. Today, we’re aiming to change that with the release of Crayon Battlecards.


In the past year, we’ve been inundated with requests to make Crayon intelligence more accessible to sales organizations. After speaking with dozens of customers, we found three main problems with the current approach for creating sales battlecards:

  1. Battlecards are Always Out of Date - Teams spend countless hours crafting their battlecards, but they become stale days or weeks after they are shared across an organization. Your competitive set doesn’t sit still, and you’ve got to stay in sync.

  2. Sales Can’t Find Them - Today’s battlecards are typically distributed via email as PDFs, Powerpoint decks, or Wiki links. Reps often have multiple versions of battlecards in their inbox or are forced to dig through Dropbox or Google Drive to find what they need.

  3. Lack of Measurement - Very few teams have quantitative measures to determine how successful a particular battlecard, positioning statement, or kill points are working. The only feedback most teams have to determine if a battlecard is successful is ad-hoc, anecdotal feedback from sales reps.

Crayon Battlecards tackles these problems head-on. Our battlecards are always up to date, measurable, and easy to find.

Download our Free Customizable Battlecard Templates

Always up to date

The hardest challenge, by far, for most teams is keeping battlecards up to date. This is why Crayon Battlecards are wired directly to our real-time intelligence engine. Let’s take a look at how it works.

After a battlecard is published, Crayon’s integrated intelligence will alert you when changes happen that might cause your battlecard to be out of date. For example, when Crayon detects a pricing change, we’ll trigger an alert right on the pricing tile of your battlecard to let you know it’s time to update.

Calling out a weakness that your competitor has addressed? No problem, integrated intelligence will let you know when a positioning change happens so you can adjust your pitch.


Integrated intel leverages the full power of Crayon’s intelligence engine to surface anything from user reviews to executive changes to new partnerships. Your battlecards will never be out of date again.

Integrated with Salesforce

Battlecards are no good unless your sales team can find them. Crayon’s new Salesforce Integration puts your battlecards directly into each Salesforce opportunity. No searching email, no extra logins, just relevant intel when and where your reps need it. Your reps want a deeper dive? We’ve got you covered there too. Our new self-invite flow for sales reps give them easy access to Crayon without any of the normal user management headaches.



Crayon lets you know how many unique and total views each Battlecard gets from your sales team, so you know which battlecards are getting traffic. We’ll also be adding the ability for sales reps to provide feedback on individual words or sentences in your Battlecards to provide feedback and make your battlecards better over time.


We’re really excited to put Crayon Battlecards in the hands of our customers. Making it easy to keep battlecards up to date, measurable, and easy to find will be a huge win for your product marketers, sales enablement professionals, and sales teams.

Crayon Competitive Battlecard Templates

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