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Improve Battlecard Adoption by Creating an Awards Ceremony for Your Sales Team

Competitive intelligence leaders are often so focused on improving the content of their battlecards that they overlook a simple yet vital responsibility: reminding their sales teams that the battlecards exist.

It doesn’t matter how good your battlecards are if your sellers never think to look for them. You must find creative ways to keep CI top of mind.

Here’s an idea: Create a quarterly or annual awards ceremony. The awards may include:

🏆 Most valuable player: The seller who won the greatest amount of competitive revenue
🏆 Most improved: The seller who had the greatest increase in competitive win rate or competitive revenue won
🏆 Most engaged: The seller with the most battlecard views/newsletter link clicks/etc.
🏆 Sleuth: The seller who submitted the most field intel
🏆 Specialist: The seller who knows one particular competitor like the back of their hand (as measured by competitive win rate, competitive revenue won, etc.)
🏆 Evangelist: The seller who has worked the hardest to get their peers to buy into the CI program (this will be based on your judgement more than anything else)

The possibilities are endless! Get creative. Have fun with it. When you’re trying to influence sellers' behavior, friendly competition is one of the best tools in your toolkit.

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