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Find Your Perfect Competitive Intelligence Partner:Crayon Launches CI Partner Directory

Competitive Intelligence professionals and product marketing leaders know the struggle of being resource-constrained. Product marketing in particular often owns competitive intelligence (and all that goes with it) but can’t dedicate head count to this critical, strategic area of the business. While there’s automation that can help (ahem, Crayon’s software platform), there’s also lots of resources available and at the ready — consultants who specialize in win/loss interviews and analysis or organizations that can help develop impactful product positioning. 

This is why we’re incredibly excited to launch….drumroll please…..the Crayon CI Partner Directory. The directory is an easy to use site where companies can find the right competitive intelligence partners to meet their needs. We’ve included 15 companies to start, with the goal of growing the directory this year — and in years to come! 

So, how does it work?

It’s easy. Visit and then filter by the services offered as well as the industries served. From here, you’ll see a list of companies that can help you meet and exceed your CI needs, acting as an extension of your team. Bonus! Crayon customers will receive exclusive discounts with the partners included in the directory. 

Check out our news release officially announcing the launch and check out the directory to find that perfect CI partner!

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