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Crayon and Clozd Announce a New Integration that Gives Customers the Insights They Need to Win More Deals

Here at Crayon we surveyed the market for the 2023 State of Competitive Intelligence report to get a deeper understanding of how teams rank the importance of different types of intelligence.

More specifically, we listed intel source options and asked “How valuable do you consider each source of intelligence?”

A staggering 84% of respondents declared win-loss insights as “valuable” or “extremely valuable” which makes sense given how win-loss surveys and interviews uncover critical information on your buyers.

This is why today’s news announcing a Crayon + Clozd integration matters for CI professionals and the teams they support. 

With this integration, insights from Clozd's win-loss surveys and interviews will automatically flow into Crayon, where teams can analyze them alongside the intel Crayon already captures from a competitors' digital footprint.

Enabling revenue teams has never been easier. With the integration, once a customer explains why your solution is better than Competitor X, you can add that intel to your Competitor X battlecard with one click of a button. And that’s just the beginning!

Check out the full news announcement with more details on this exciting new integration.

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