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2024 State of Competitive Intelligence

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AI Meets CI

25% of CI leaders report they’re currently using artificial intelligence to assist them with their competitive intelligence responsibilities while 56% plan to start using AI in the near future

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Enablement in a Competitive Market

For the average B2B Software company, 65% of sales opportunities are competitive.

78% of CI leaders enable their sales teams with battlecards yet 41% report they would like to see their battlecards being used more often by their sellers.

CI Challenges

“Keeping content (e.g. battlecards) fresh” and “gathering competitive intel in a timely manner” are the TWO TOP challenges for CI leaders

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Sharing Intel Updates

60% of respondents reported using Slack/Teams to share CI updates with their sales team — a 13% increase from last year.

Thoughts from the experts on the 2024 State of CI

Gaby Beitler
Gaby Beitler

Senior Technical Product Marketing Manager, Kong

“Having technology integrations set up (from Crayon to our tech stack) helps the sales team find what they need, when they need it. By putting intel in Slack, for example, we’ve noticed a significant reduction in the amount of ad-hoc requests we’re getting because the reps can self-serve.”

Sam Niro
Sam Niro

Competitive Intelligence Manager, Khoros

“Most battlecard updates are a no-brainer. Of course you make updates when competitors release big announcements and/or your launch a new capability that changes your competitive positioning. Prioritizing when your incorporate other insights can be more challenging considering competitive intel volume. I update Tier One battlecards quarterly and use field intel themes, win/loss findings, and recent wins and displacements to determine what gets added, edited, or even removed from battlecard content.”

Tali Soroker
Tali Soroker

Market Intelligence Manager, HiBob

“While it’s still early days for incorporating AI into our CI workflows, tracking our competitor’s AI moves — such as new messaging and product releases — became a top priority this past year. As AI continues to dominate the dialogue, CI leaders will be expected to stay ahead of the new AI developments but also understand and be able to advise on their implications and potential pitfalls.”

Fouad Benyoub
Fouad Benyoub

Director of Competitive Strategy, Everbridge

“The future of CI is augmented: human experts and generative agents collaborating as strategic advisors. Imagine a future where AI analyzes vast amounts of data at lightning speed, while human expertise interprets it — within the unique context of your organization. This isn’t just a tool anymore, it’s a generative teammate joining your CI team. Get ready for this new reality”

Ken Schwarz
Ken Schwarz

Managing Principal, PSP Enterprises

“AI is incredibly promising and can be helpful today for content summarization, but is still a long way from credibly conducting win/loss interviews by itself. Until it has feelings — not just the ability to sense them in others, but to experience them itself — it will lack the dignity that I believe is essential to a meaningful human connection.”

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