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Exceed Your Inbound Revenue Target With Crayon

You just lost a customer. Let’s call her Sarah.

No, she didn’t churn. In fact, she’s never seen your product, let alone used it.

Sarah just signed a contract with your competitor—without so much as a visit to your website.

Why? Because you got lost in the shuffle. You’re in a crowded market. Sarah sees your competitors everywhere. She didn’t evaluate your product because she hardly knows it exists.

There’s a lot of Sarahs out there. You have almost everything you need to make them your customers. All that’s missing is Crayon, the competitive intelligence platform that helps you:

  1. Get noticed
  2. Convert traffic
  3. Win business

Here’s how it works.

Get noticed

One way to make a lasting impression on your prospects is to create content focused on the topics that your competitors are overlooking.

Crayon makes it easy to identify these topics, distilling your competitors’ content libraries into word clouds like the one you see below—which our software created by analyzing Shopify’s Q1 output:

word cloud

If you compete with Shopify, you may notice: They don’t talk much about wholesale. And sure enough, using Crayon’s keyword search engine, we can see that they’ve barely published anything on this topic in the past few quarters:

line graph

Pass this intel along to your content team, and you’ll see traffic gains in no time.

Convert traffic

One of the downsides of A/B testing is the short-term sacrifice: You may fail to convert someone who would’ve otherwise converted had they visited your site at a different time.

Obviously, this doesn’t negate the value of A/B tests, but it does raise a question: What if you could better understand your prospects’ preferences without making that short-term sacrifice?

With Crayon, you can—because you’ll be monitoring your competitors’ A/B tests in real time:

a/b test

a/b test

With the knowledge you gain from watching this play out, you’ll be turning traffic into leads at a higher rate than ever.

Win business

To create effective sales enablement content, you need to answer two questions:

  1. Who is beating us?
  2. Why are they beating us?

Crayon’s Impact module is the key to answering the former, allowing you to track win rate at the competitor level:

bar chart

And to answer the latter, simply return to our old friend the word cloud. Our software automatically pulls in the notes from your closed-lost opportunity records and distills them down to a handful of key terms, allowing you to quickly determine where your sellers are most in need of support:

word cloud

Use Crayon to inform your sales enablement efforts, and that competitive win rate chart will move up and to the right in perpetuity.

Crayon: The secret weapon in your martech stack

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what you can do with Crayon. To see all the ways in which our software can help you accelerate revenue, request a demo and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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