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Why Competitor Battlecards Should Focus on the Entire Sales Funnel

Competitor battlecards have become a popular tool for enabling sales teams, and with good reason. Competitive analyses are more in-depth than what a salesperson needs when they encounter a competitive objection. Effective battlecards provide just enough information for a salesperson to counter those objections without getting lost in the details.

Most organizations only create battlecards designed for their closing sales team. Why should that be the case? Sales functions that occupy other parts of the sales funnel, like sales development and account management, also frequently encounter competitive scenarios. Those teams could use the battlecards created by product marketing or sales enablement, but remember: those battlecards were built for sales reps. Sales development reps and account managers require very different amounts and types of information when they face competitors.

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Competitive Objection Handling: How to Fight Against Competitor Claims

The competition is talking about you, and no surprise—it’s not good. Whether it’s half-truths or outright lies, you need to arm your sales team with tactics and talking points to counter claims made by the competition.

To address objections that come up in competitive sales deals, you first need to identify competitor claims and then train your team on how to handle those claims to ultimately win the deal. Here’s how.

Identify Competitor Claims

There’s a variety of ways to find out what your competitors are saying about your products and services. 

Interview Your Sales Reps

There’s no better team to uncover competitor claims than ask your sales reps. Every day, sales reps are on the front lines hearing from prospects what the competition is saying about your products and services, then they have to defend themselves against the claims.

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How to Prepare Your Sales Team to Win More Competitive Deals

Receiving an inbound demo request is often the best part of a salesperson’s day. Learning that the evaluation is going to be competitive in nature can be less exciting. Sales teams in competitive industries frequently learn they’re in for a competitive fight in the midst of a sales cycle. Even worse is learning that information after you’ve already performed a product demo and the sales cycle is winding down. At that point, it can quickly devolve into a race to the bottom on pricing or other contract terms to win. 

Competitive sales cycles don’t have to incite dread. Prospects evaluating multiple solutions are frequently much more committed to making a decision one way or another. If approached correctly, competitive sales cycles can have win rates higher than those that lack competition as you aren’t fighting as hard for budget, buy-in, and urgency. There are steps that several different teams can take to boost competitive win rate, and they start well before the demo request occurs.

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10 Dynamic Tiles to Integrate Into Your Sales Battlecards

Battlecards have historically lived in static PDFs delivered via email to sales reps’ computers. And by historically, I mean most battlecards today are static documents that are always out-of-date, hard to find, hard to measure, and thus nearly useless. Until now - dynamic battlecards integrated with a competitive intelligence platform allow you to deliver always up-to-date competitive information and sales guides (while also being able to measure their usage and impact on win rate).

But what sort of dynamic information can you integrate into your battlecard? And what if you could truly automate the population of competitive information to be referenced by sales? With the power to integrate automatically updating intel onto your battlecards, the question turns from how to integrate into what to integrate.

Here are 10 types of auto-updating intelligence to integrate into your dynamic battlecards.

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