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Entries related to: sales-enablement

10 Sales Enablement Terms You Need to Know

Sales enablement is an important role in any organization - ensuring that sales has the skills and tools to win in their market. Most industries change rapidly, with competitors regularly launching campaigns and products or new competitors breaking into the market. Maybe you’re new to sales enablement, or perhaps you need a refresher of key terms. No matter your current sales enablement knowledge status, we’ve put together a helpful sales enablement glossary that you can keep in your back pocket, to ensure that you’re setting up your sales team for success.

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8 Best Practices for Effective Sales Battlecards

Competitor battlecards are one of the most common sales enablement tools businesses create today. Battlecards are one of the key ways that a business can translate competitive intelligence into strategies for a sales team to win more deals and bring in more revenue. Battlecards provide an overview of a specific competitor’s company, products, and services, and provide guidelines on how to win a deal against that competitor.

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The Best Sales Enablement Tool Just Got Better: Introducing Crayon Battlecards

The speed of competition has never been faster. Over the last decade, innovations like Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing have allowed companies to improve their products, change their positioning, and find new verticals to sell into at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, product marketing and sales enablement professionals still lack the tools to keep their sales team up to date with relevant information. Today, we’re aiming to change that with the release of Crayon Battlecards.

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12 Types of Sales Enablement Materials to Win More Deals

Sales enablement is the practice of arming your sales team with the knowledge, skills, and assets they need to win more deals. The Marketing team has a unique opportunity to drive more revenue for the business by enabling sales with the content and trainings that they may not have the time or expertise to create themselves. No one item will be the silver bullet that helps your team close every deal, but by building a portfolio of sales enablement materials, your team will have everything they need throughout the sales process to set them up for success.

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