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10 Dynamic Tiles to Integrate Into Your Sales Battlecards

Battlecards have historically lived in static PDFs delivered via email to sales reps’ computers. And by historically, I mean most battlecards today are static documents that are always out-of-date, hard to find, hard to measure, and thus nearly useless. Until now - dynamic battlecards integrated with a competitive intelligence platform allow you to deliver always up-to-date competitive information and sales guides (while also being able to measure their usage and impact on win rate).

But what sort of dynamic information can you integrate into your battlecard? And what if you could truly automate the population of competitive information to be referenced by sales? With the power to integrate automatically updating intel onto your battlecards, the question turns from how to integrate into what to integrate.

Here are 10 types of auto-updating intelligence to integrate into your dynamic battlecards.

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37 Great Topics for your Sales Battlecards and Competitor Profiles

Are you feeling in a rut with your competitive intelligence (CI) deliverables? Want some ideas to help you take the content to the next level? Below are some different ways to spice up your battlecards, competitor profiles, and other competitive intelligence content to make them more engaging. Pick and choose the best from this list for your team and business!

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What’s the Difference Between a Competitive Comparison and a Battlecard?

Competitive comparisons and battlecards are two key components of an effective competitive intelligence (CI) program. While these two assets have overlapping characteristics, and some companies may use these terms interchangeably, they each serve a different purpose and audience and, as such, are quite different.

First, let’s level-set on what is a competitive comparison and what is a battlecard. A competitive comparison is a framework for putting two or more competitors (their companies, products, teams, etc.) side by side in order to see both similarities and differences. A battlecard, sometimes called a sales battlecard, competitive battlecard, or killsheet, is a tool for sales reps to get tips and guidelines on how to win a potential sale against a specific competitor.

You could consider a battlecard a type of competitive comparison, or you may have a battlecard that includes a competitive comparison within it. But, let’s dive into the three key dimensions that differentiate competitive comparisons from competitive sales battlecards.

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Four Ways to Analyze Your Sales Enablement Program to Improve Sales Success

How do you know if your sales enablement efforts are effective? It's important to not only deliver a variety of sales enablement resources, but to also circle back and analyze their impact on your sales team. There are a number of analyses you can do to get visibility into the results you are driving through your sales enablement efforts. By diving into these types of analyses, you can apply everything you now know about sales enablement materials, sales training, and templates, to improve your strategy. Based on your findings, you will be able to improve your sales enablement program, and help your sales team win more deals. Let’s take a look at how to conduct each analysis, and how each can improve your sales enablement strategy.

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