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Crayon Analysts: Your Built-In Competitive Intel Sidekick

Trust me. We get it. 

Your competitors are always on the move–from constant website updates to new product features and maybe even new funding rounds.

That’s why companies find Crayon’s Competitive Intelligence Solution so valuable. Our technology tracks valuable competitive intel, helping companies cut through the noise to drive tangible business impact and stay one step ahead of rivals. 

But, once again, we get it. 

You, the busy CI practitioner, don’t always have time to sift through all the quality insights our platform gathers and categorizes–especially when you’ve got a plate full of CI-related asks from various stakeholders.

That’s why every Crayon customer is not only paired with a Customer Success Manager but a dedicated Competitive Insights Analyst. 

On top of our technology’s machine learning and AI capabilities, we provide a human analysis layer. As a result, companies get the best of both worlds to bring their CI programs to the next level. 

Below we explore the ins and outs of our analyst program and the value that our analysts bring to organizations. Let’s dig in!

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The analyst backstory

Let’s bring it back to Crayon’s beginnings. 

In the early days when Crayon had a few customers–we’ve now exceeded 500–Co-Founder and CEO, Jonah Lopin, was a one-man analyst team, identifying and sharing key competitive intel with our customers. 

Fast forward a few years with the growth of both Crayon and the CI industry, we reached a point with our customer base where we needed a full, dedicated team. Alas, the Competitive Insights Analyst role was created. 

The past few years have been spent building out and evolving our analyst program to better serve our customers. We now have a dedicated staff who work day in and day out to help our customers stay knowledgeable on their competitive landscapes.

The value of Crayon’s analysts

Crayon analysts help refine the competitive intel caught by our platform (as needed) and draw educated conclusions based on the data. They’re experts in identifying important insights and trends for customers–giving them time back in their days to activate intel within their organizations. While our analysts flag critical findings directly in our software platform, they also deliver them to customers in the form of weekly CI reports that can then be distributed throughout entire organizations. 

Crayon analyst, Lexi Lombarda, shared what her role is like and how she collaborates with customers. As an analyst at Crayon, I work every day to identify market patterns and industry trends to deliver accurate, relevant, and quality data for my customers by curating competitive intelligence reports. This work is not only extremely rewarding but also meaningful as I form strong relationships with each customer.”

Each analyst specializes in understanding customers’ industries and unique CI use cases. They take the time to become an expert in each competitive landscape to ensure that they can connect the dots for customers in a meaningful and impactful way. They also help customers troubleshoot and work closely with CSMs to provide users with well-rounded support.

Lexi shed some light on the types of intel she digs up for customers. "A particular example that comes to mind is when I discovered that a customer’s competitor added a new page to their website that detailed a new product. This provided the customer with critical information in real-time and was presented at their sales summit, so this competitive analysis proved to be instrumental for their overall business strategy.” 

Imagine if Lexi hadn’t flagged this insight and the customer missed it altogether. This extra level of human analysis ensures you won’t hear “How did we not see this coming?” from your CEO’s mouth again. 

Colin Shea, Analyst Manager at Crayon, provides the overarching goal for our analysts: “Ensure every customer better understands their competitive landscape… without having to do research on their own.” 

If you couldn’t tell already, we just get it, and we’re here to support all your CI needs. To learn more about our technology and analysts, click the banner below to request a demo today!

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