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13 Sales Enablement Tools to Increase Your Competitive Win Rate

Arming your sales team with the tools, skills, and resources they need to win competitive deals is a critical step in growing revenue. Sales enablement is the process of providing your sales team with helpful materials, tools, and information that will allow them to do their job more efficiently and effectively. Some popular sales enablement tools are software solutions that provide central repositories for sales collateral, host sales playbooks, or assist with training to benefit sales reps throughout their sales processes. 

There are many sales enablement tools to choose from, depending on what your specific needs are. To best help your sales team, and help you with your search, we’ve rounded up some of the best tools for you. Here are 13 sales enablement tools that will help your team sharpen their skills, crush the competition, and ultimately increase your competitive win rate.

Sales Enablement Platforms for Sharing and Measuring Content Usage


Highspot will help you get sales enablement content in front of your sales team, help you train your sales team better, and show how well certain materials are performing with the help of analytics. Highspot is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a sales enablement platform that will help you sharpen your sales team’s skills and provide your team with guidance as they close more deals. 

Notable Features:

  1. Keep your sales enablement content all in one place, with easy access for sales 
  2. Track usage and engagement of your sales enablement materials 

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Seismic is another full-service sales enablement platform. Seismic keeps your sales enablement materials in one place, while measuring the impact of each deliverable. By training your team with Seismic, you can track and measure the effectiveness of each session. 

Notable Features: 

  1. Gain insight into which materials and trainings are working for your team 
  2. Keep all of your sales enablement materials in one place 


Showpad is a platform that provides a centralized location for sales enablement materials, so it helps build a stronger connection between sales and marketing. Your sales team won’t have to email, Slack, or call your marketing team to figure out where that one piece of content is being stored. 

Notable Features: 

  1. Store all of your sales and marketing content in one place
  2. Send notifications to your sales team when content updates are made 

Video and Training Tools


Brainshark provides your sales team with the training they need to learn everything about your product/solution and stay on top of market changes. Brainshark will allow you to quickly onboard your sales team and get them ready to take on whatever potential challenges come their way during a sales cycle. 

Notable Features: 

  1. Get your sales reps up and running faster with training videos 
  2. Measure sales readiness with scorecards 


Allego is a sales readiness platform that helps onboard and train your sales team with the emphasis of leveraging video in sales enablement. In fact, according to their website, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than simply read documents or articles, and 65% of traditional training material is forgotten just seven days after. By utilizing video rather than traditional methods of sales enablement, you’ll be able to train your team in a way you know they’ll remember, and your reps will be bringing in more revenue. 

Notable Features:

  1. Keep your sales team engaged in trainings with video 
  2. Provide your team with feedback, down to the second, on their scenario simulations 


MindTickle is a sales enablement and sales readiness platform that allows you to onboard, educate, train, and test your sales team to ensure they’re ready to sell. Sales enablement is an ongoing process, and with the MindTickle platform, you’re able to continuously check the progress of your sales team and continue to develop their skills. With MindTickle, you’re also able to have on-demand sales training paired with gamification, which makes sales training more fun. 

Notable Features: 

  1. Make sales enablement fun for your team with gamification
  2. Enable sellers outside of your organization with partner and channel enablement

Sales Outreach Optimization


Outreach is a platform that helps your sales team connect with prospects in the most efficient way possible. Within Outreach, you can set up sequences that allow your sales reps to contact prospects at the right time, using the right medium (call, text, email, etc.) on the most effective timeline. Depending on who you’re reaching out to, and what you’re reaching out about, you want to tailor the conversations rather than send prospects generic outreach. By setting up sequences in Outreach, you can make sure that your sales reps are reaching out to prospects at an optimal cadence, and sending them the most impactful information, every step of the way. 

Notable Features:

  1. Create sequences to ensure your reps are sending the right messages to prospects 
  2. Set-up cadences for your reps to reach out to prospects 


SalesLoft helps your sales team communicate more effectively with prospects at every stage of the sales cycle. SalesLoft helps your team create personalized emails, cadences for outreach, and makes scheduling easier for face-to-face (or virtual) meetings. Additionally, SalesLoft helps with sales training, with the use of conversation intelligence - recording, transcribing, and leveraging existing sales calls to improve calls in the future. 

Notable Features:

  1. Makes it easier for your sales team to schedule meetings with prospects 
  2. Leverage conversation intelligence to improve upon your sales team’s skills 


Cognism enables sales to identify relevant prospects in their target accounts and reveal their contact details. It offers compliant B2B emails and cell phone numbers globally, allowing reps to prospect in multiple territories successfully. It’s a great choice for mid-market and enterprise companies wanting to integrate a sales prospecting platform into their existing workflows. Cognism offers seamless integrations with other sales enablement tools and CRMs as well as team collaboration features to minimize admin and manual work.

Notable Features:

  1. The largest global mobile numbers database and verification service on request to reach the most valuable prospects directly
  2. Enrichment features that keep CRM data fresh allow for more accurate segmentation and reduce inefficiencies

HubSpot Sales 

HubSpot Sales can help transform the way your sales reps are reaching out to prospects. When your contact views one of your webpages, or downloads a content offer, your team will be notified immediately so that they can reach out with the appropriate messaging to get your contact into the next stage of the sales cycle. 

Notable Features: 

  1. Track your prospects’ page views, content downloads, email opens, and more 
  2. Keep your contacts engaged by enrolling them in workflows and campaigns 

Sales Conversation Optimization


Gong uses conversational intelligence to help sales teams sharpen their pitch and build a solid script to close deals. Essentially, Gong records sales calls then pulls out key soundbites, questions, and themes, to help you determine what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to winning customers. Once you’ve pulled out the key insights, you can relay the information to your team to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Notable Features:

  1. Record your sales calls and leverage key soundbites for sales trainings 
  2. Identify what works on calls and what doesn’t, and train your sales team on best practices 


Chorus leverages the conversations your sales team is already having with prospects and turns them into sales enablement opportunities. Chorus transcribes sales calls in real-time so that your sales team can highlight key sound bites and use those conversations to improve their sales pitch in the future. By figuring out key questions from both your sales reps and prospects, you’ll be able to better craft your sales script to address common questions, objections, and highlight key product benefits. 

Notable Features:

  1. Transcribe your sales calls in real-time
  2. Highlight key soundbites that will help your sales reps stay sharp 

Competitive and Market Intelligence 


Crayon is a market and competitive intelligence solution that helps businesses capture, analyze, and act on what’s happening within their markets. Crayon uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to capture each competitors’ entire digital footprint, catalogue their moves, and filter out the noise so that sales teams can leverage just the intel that helps them win deals. Only with Crayon can you create a variety of sales enablement resources - alongside resources for other audiences in the company - including alerts, battlecards, analysis reports, and more. Crayon also integrates with many of the solutions above so that sales teams can access these resources in the sales enablement tools they may already be using. 

Notable Features:

  1. Automatically capture competitive intelligence and combine it with internal intel in a single centralized platform 
  2. Build a variety of deliverables, including alerts, dashboards, and battlecards, all integrated with any other sales enablement tools you’re using

Sales enablement tools can be an incredibly powerful way to level up your sales team’s performance and help them bring in more revenue. Sales enablement tools help with content management, sales training, sales readiness, and competitive intelligence training. Implemented effectively, these sales enablement tools can have a meaningful impact on the metrics that matter most to your business, including sales productivity, competitive win rate, and, of course, revenue.

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