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Companies like yours that use Crayon to compete like they mean it.


“Adopting Crayon as our centralized competitive intelligence hub has enabled MURAL to up-level our competitive intelligence efforts. Crayon helps us stay on top of news and insights that matter.”

Sean Lauer, Senior Director of Product Marketing at MURAL

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“Once they saw what Crayon can do, they realized that competitive intelligence can help them differentiate not only from a messaging perspective, but also from the earliest stages of planning.”

Michael Wienke, Director of Global Product Marketing at Mastercard

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“When people around the company know there’s a CI team, are tapping into their newsletter, are joining their Slack, are contributing field intel, when you start creating that competitive culture: that’s your success metric”

George Baier IV, Director of Strategy and Operations, Product Marketing at Dropbox

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“I’d estimate over the last year we’ve used Crayon, there have been at least five big pieces of news – major scoops – that we would have just missed without it.”

Stephane Curcio, Head of Sales Enablement at Kyriba Europe

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“Reducing time and effort is a big deal for me and having something like Crayon to handle competitive intelligence lets us maximize our ability to do all of the other things we have to.”

Colleen Hoy, Director of Product Management, ENA

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"The process of building and maintaining battlecards in Crayon is so intuitive, especially when you integrate them into a content management platform. This was definitely the biggest organization-wide win for us—just the overall confidence our sales team now has in handling competitive conversations."

Andrew McCotter-Bicknell, Senior Product Marketing Manager at ZoomInfo

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"Crayon keeps investing in their product, and its ability to automate the process of monitoring, tracking, and alerting on competitors' moves allowed me to spend time on more impactful competitive intelligence projects."

Nate Crampton, Product Marketing Leader at Rapid7

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"Crayon makes our team more scalable. Given limited time and resources, it enables us to leverage larger scale intelligence and cut through the noise other tools have presented."

Rob BoisSr. Director of Product Marketing at Fuze

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"What stood out about Crayon was the ease of information access and filtering. I can filter down to exactly what I'm looking for, which may be different from what someone else is looking for."

Clara Gray, Product Marketing Manager at Flatiron

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"I always have Crayon running in the background, providing me with constant competitive updates that I can reference at any moment. Our competitive win rates have increased as much as 59% since rolling out Battlecards."

Michael Greene, Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo

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"Crayon is a must-have for understanding where we are and where we can go. Without Crayon, we wouldn’t have the deep grasp of our industry and competitors down to the details of their marketing investments."

Jill Perney, Marketing Manager at Amerifirst

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“By staying on top of the competitors, we’ve been able to arm our sales team with actionable insights that they can act on immediately. As a result of Crayon, our win rate against our top five competitors has improved by 54%.”

Jake Godgart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Upserve

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“In a competitive market, it’s crucial to be nimble and agile. You can lose credibility based on inaccurate competitor information and it’s impossible to collect complete and timely intelligence without Crayon."

Alex MacKenzie, Director of Sales at Allego

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“We were far behind the other competitors bidding for the sale. But after training the distributor to leverage the battlecards, we’re now the front-runner in this $1.5M deal. That deal alone will pay for Crayon many times over.”

Steve Hernan, Market Intelligence Manager at AMETEK

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