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Introducing Executive Summary: Prove the ROI of Your CI Program

In today's competitive landscape, doing more with less is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. And for compete leaders, that means it is more vital than ever to prove the impact of your work.

Forget vanity metrics like views and likes – decision-makers need to see tangible evidence of how competitive intelligence (CI) fuels business success, like winning more deals.

Executive Summary from Crayon helps transform your compete program into a data-driven powerhouse. This elegant dashboard highlights the three key metrics you need to capture attention, secure resources, and elevate your program with executives.

1. Total Competitive Deals

Stop wasting time trying to piece together an accurate picture of your competitive threats. Executive Summary paints a clear picture of your competitive landscape and is a win/loss summary revealing your total competitive pipeline and how much of it you've won. See at a glance which deals are contested, where you're winning, and which competitors pose the biggest threat. With Executive Summary you can identify blind spots and optimize where you invest precious CI enablement resourcing to drive the most wins.

2. Total Influenced Revenue

Tracking the impact of your program can be challenging. Executive Summary simplifies the equation by showcasing influenced revenue over the past year, conveniently presented by month. Imagine filtering by competitor and seeing precisely where your enablement efforts are generating the most significant financial impact. This data-driven narrative speaks volumes about your program's contribution to the bottom line, silencing skeptics and securing buy-in from budget holders.

3. Total Compete Program Users

No more scrounging for engagement statistics from different screens. Executive Summary provides a rolling 12-month view of your entire program's user base, revealing how individuals interact with Battlecards, Boards, Compete Hub, and more. This granular understanding empowers you to personalize training, address user needs, and optimize platform adoption – ultimately maximizing the ROI of your entire CI ecosystem.

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Beyond Metrics: The Power of Storytelling

Executive Summary isn't just about numbers, it's about building a compelling narrative. Use these metrics to craft a story that resonates with leadership. Highlight a close call averted thanks to competitor insights, quantify the revenue secured through targeted enablement, or showcase the growing user base fueled by engaging content.

Data-driven storytelling helps pull CI out of spreadsheets and into the real world -- making your compete program (and you!) an irreplaceable part of your company's strategy for success.

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Garrett Denney
Garrett Denney is the VP of Product Marketing at Crayon. Previously, he led product marketing at Revalize and Jamf.

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