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Your Competitor’s Next Big Move Is Coming. Get Ready with the Accelerator Course.

A product launch. An acquisition. A groundbreaking go-to-market partnership. Sooner or later, your competitor will do something big—something that directly threatens your market share.

You have two options.

You can wait for the big thing to happen and try to cobble together a counterstrategy on the fly while swatting away panicked emails and DMs from your leaders and colleagues.

Or you can prepare.

If you choose the first option: Best of luck.

If you choose the second option: Welcome to the Accelerator course.

Learn how to transform raw intelligence into actionable insight

We’ve covered a lot of ground with the first two courses in Crayon Academy. With the Activator course, we showed you how to get competitive intelligence into the hands of the people who need it. With the Architect course, we showed you how to build a formal CI function that makes a meaningful, measurable impact on your company.

And now, with the Accelerator course, we’re focusing on analysis. By the time you finish the course (it takes less than an hour), you’ll know how to:

  • Synthesize different kinds of intelligence
  • Anticipate your competitors’ decisions
  • Create early warning systems

It’s our most ambitious curriculum yet—which is why we brought in two of the brightest minds working in CI today: August Jackson, VP of Market Intelligence & Competitive Strategy at Deltek, and Carolyn Klinger, Director of Market & Competitive Intelligence at Affinity.

As always, upon completion of the course—which is free and on-demand, by the way—you’ll be awarded a certificate that you can add to your LinkedIn profile with just two clicks:

competitive intelligence certificate

Cool? Cool. Enroll in the Accelerator course today.

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