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The Competitive Program Grader: A Free Tool for Anyone Who Wants to Master Competitive Intelligence

Imagine waking up and finding yourself in the driver’s seat of a car, parked on the side of a road that you don’t recognize. You’re alone, and your phone is nowhere to be found. A stranger walks up to your window, hands you an old-fashioned map, and says, “Find your way to Los Angeles.”

Good luck. Forget about deciphering the map and figuring out which highways to take—you don’t even know where you are relative to LA. Maybe you’re already in California … or maybe you’re in the suburbs of Boston. Who knows? Either way, before you can even think about how you’re going to reach your destination, you need to determine where you’re starting from.

Obviously, the lack of GPS is the crucial detail in this scenario. The drive to LA will be a lot of work no matter what, but with GPS, at least you’d be spared the frustration of pinpointing your current location, and you’d eliminate the risk of getting lost and running out of gas along the way.

For too long, those who've done competitive intelligence have had to drive without GPS. You’ve had to guess both where you are in your journey to a successful CI program and what you need to do next in order to make meaningful, efficient progress towards that destination.

Not anymore. Say hello to the Competitive Program Grader, a free assessment tool that can help you become a more confident and effective competitive intelligence practitioner, starting today.

Introducing the Competitive Program Grader

First things first—the Grader is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is spend 5 minutes answering a series of simple questions about your current CI program (e.g., Do you have key performance indicators?). As soon as you’re done with the questionnaire, the Grader generates a personalized, actionable report that tells you:

  1. What you’re doing well and where you have room for improvement
  2. How to execute on your opportunities for improvement
  3. Where you land in a competitive intelligence maturity model
  4. How your CI program compares to others

Here’s a sneak peek of what your custom report might look like:

competitive intelligence maturity assessment example

Even with GPS, no one should be expected to navigate a road trip on their own. That’s why everyone who uses the Grader and gets a report can also take advantage of a free consultation with one of our competitive intelligence experts—someone who can help you understand your results and dive deep into your action items.

What are you waiting for? Complete the questionnaire, get your free report (and consultation), and start making your way towards a world-class CI program!

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