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Introducing Compete Hub: Automated, Real-Time Announcements and Community for Your Sales Team

A lot can happen in a week.

One of your competitors updates their pricing. Another competitor releases a new AI feature. A third competitor publishes a comparison page on their website.

We know that deals are more competitive than ever, which means every one of those competitive changes is putting more of your sales pipeline at risk.

Sure, you can manually share insights with your team via Slack, Teams, and more. But it’s time consuming and slow. Your sales team needs to be armed to win today, before their next call.

Say hello to Compete Hub

Compete Hub is a real-time, dynamic feed that shows your reps today’s most important insights so they’re set up to succeed on their next call.

Compete Hub is made up of three parts: announcements, an automated weekly email, and an interactive community.


Sharing today’s most important insights has never been easier. Compete Hub lets you designate important updates with a single click.

Whether you’re publishing a battlecard update, highlighting a breaking piece of intel, or showcasing a win-loss story, Compete Hub is a central place to surface the most valuable nuggets of competitive information from anywhere inside Crayon.


Automated weekly email

Once you’ve created an announcement, it’s time to share with your sales team.

Instead of sending intel one-by-one into a Slack or Teams channel, Compete Hub automatically summarizes this week’s announcements and consolidates them into a single, beautifully designed email for your sales team.

weekly ci recap

Busy product marketers and Crayon Admins are going to love this part. Instead of spending time manually sharing every new battlecard update and piece of intel as it comes in, you can kick back as Crayon does the work for you automatically every week.

Interactive community

We know that static updates aren’t enough. Reps crave a way to leave feedback and show which insights are the most valuable.

That’s why Compete Hub empowers your sales team to do more than just consume new intel: they can engage with today’s insights by “liking” announcements or starting a conversation in the comments section.


This makes it easy for your Crayon Admins to stay on top of questions and concerns, and also gauge which insights are most impactful for your sales team based on how much interaction and conversation they generate.

Get started today

Compete Hub is available today for all Crayon customers! If you’re ready to supercharge your CI program with real-time, automated announcements, emails, and community – all underpinned by Crayon AI – get in touch with your customer success manager.

Not a Crayon customer? Schedule your demo of Compete Hub today.

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Garrett Denney
Garrett Denney is the VP of Product Marketing at Crayon. Previously, he led product marketing at Revalize and Jamf.