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Celebrating Our 500th Customer and $22M Series B!

It’s a great day for the Crayon community! Today, we celebrate our 500th customer and $22M Series B. Let’s go!!!

This round is being led by Benedict Rocchio at Baird Capital, a remarkable investor who deeply appreciates what we — as a company and as a community — are building as we drive transformation in competitive intelligence.

We have a deep value around diversity & inclusion at Crayon. The best teams are diverse teams! We’re thrilled to welcome Gaingels as an investor in our Series B. Gaingels is the world's largest investor network focused on diversity in venture capital. Partnering with Gaingels in our Series B is a way for us to deepen our commitment to diversity & inclusion, bring diversity to our cap table, and build a valuable recruiting partner for LGBT+ and minority candidates in board & executive leadership positions.

You can read lots of details about the round in our press release, but let me share a few of the highlights.

We’re more committed to our vision than ever

At Crayon, we're building the competitive intelligence backbone for mid-market & enterprise businesses.

Competitive intelligence has always been a human-powered, research-driven discipline. This has historically meant that insights are expensive to generate and often lag the market by weeks or months. CI professionals are heroes who have had one hand tied behind their backs for too long!

We’re building Crayon to evolve CI to a software discipline, so our customers can see and seize on competitive opportunities. What happens when CI is programmatic and continuous? Not only are insights inexpensive, they are real-time and actionable. Now you can drive up your sales win rates, differentiate better in your market, speed up time-to-market in product, and execute better across your executive team and broader organization.

This funding further validates our vision around competitive intelligence and deepens our commitment to driving transformation in the CI industry, helping us to continue leading from the front.

Solving for our customers (500 & counting!) and taking this to the next level

When we started this journey, the average mid-market or enterprise company may have thought about competitive intelligence, but it wasn’t woven within the fabric of their organization. Today, 500 disruptive and forward-thinking companies like Gong, Dropbox, ZoomInfo, Zendesk, Intuit, and Discover are using Crayon to out-sell, out-market, and out-execute their competition.

Our #1 value at Crayon is “solve for the customer," meaning: We measure our success by the success of our customers. And thanks to the success of our customers, we were named Leaders in the Forrester Wave and “undisputed champion of CI tools” in the #1 spot in the PMA Pulse

To enable the next level of customer success and inspired by our customer’s feedback, we’ll be using our Series B to innovate even faster. That means we’re hiring in product & engineering — in Boston or any remote location! Of course, we’re also growing our sales, marketing, and customer success teams. If you’re interested in coming aboard, don’t be shy.

Proud of what we’ve achieved and deeply committed to what comes next

I speak for the whole Crayon team when I say we feel deep pride for what we’ve achieved so far and what we’ve helped our customers achieve, and we feel an equally deep sense of drive and determination as we embark on the next leg of our journey.

Finally, I want to say thank you to all of our customers. Without your passion, creativity, hard work, and thoughtful execution, none of your successes — and therefore none of our successes — would be possible. You are the heroes transforming competitive intelligence into business value every day. Any success we’ve had as a company we owe to you. So thank you for everything you do.

We’re honored to be your CI partner and passionately committed to your success!



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Jonah Lopin
Jonah Lopin is our Chief Executive Officer here at Crayon, a company that he co-founded in 2015 to help businesses see and seize opportunities for competitive advantage. Prior to co-founding Crayon, Jonah was VP of Customer Success at HubSpot, where he scaled the team over six years to thousands of customers and hundreds of employees.