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Rebecca Geraghty

Rebecca Geraghty

Rebecca Geraghty is a B2B product marketer and communicator refining her craft for a decade and counting. Seeing product marketing from different vantage points at global corporations including Canon to early-stage startups, she is an observer of the skills, strategies and success factors to navigate this ever-evolving role. Committed to helping inspire the next generation making their way in the field, she writes for the Product Marketing Alliance, Medium‘s We Are Product Marketing, and the Crayon blog.

Why Product Marketing Onboarding Starts with Competitive Intelligence
Rebecca Geraghty

Rebecca Geraghty on Tue, Jul 14, 2020

Whenever I start a new product marketing role, I’m always racing to accelerate my learning curve. There’s no escaping that the effective messaging, personas, and fundamentals of this craft demand ...

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