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With integrations into Salesforce, Slack, Teams and more, you can empower your team with intelligence that helps them win more deals without changing how they work.

Connected to nearly every core category of business tool






Sales Enablement


Conversation Intel


Single Sign-On


CRM Suites

Embed battlecards directly into open opportunity records—and ingest valuable win/loss data when those opportunities close.

  • Ensure your account executives and customer-facing team members can access competitive intelligence data when—and where—they need it    
  • Business operations team overworked? Tell them not to worry—connecting Crayon to your CRM suite takes 10 minutes max, and it never breaks
  • Draw a straight line between your teams’ engagement with CI and the revenue it influences by ingesting closed opportunity data from Salesforce

Create a solid bond between Crayon and FreshSales, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more


Communications Platforms

Keep the conversation about competitive intelligence going by putting CI data right where those interactions are taking place

  • Email isn’t the only place “where work happens”—collaborate with team members on key CI takeaways by messaging them, instantly
  • Always-on communications apps ensure that your team can push field intel into your CI platform (and pull it back out again) all in real-time
  • Nobody likes to be the last to know something—get alerts around market shifts and big news about your rivals within your “channel” of choice

Collaborate on CI data from Crayon inside Microsoft Teams, Slack, Yammer,
and more


Sales Enablement Tools

Make your sales enablement hub a one-stop shop for all of your go-to-market materials—and your “go-into-battle” CI deliverables

  • Enterprise AEs know where to find all the collateral they need—enable them even further by making sure their competitive intel lives in the same place
  • With battlecards that automatically update in real-time, your SE tool can be both your CI and your sales collateral source-of-truth
  • In sales, collaboration is key—make sure your team in the field can comment on your CI materials right from where they spend much of their time

Connect Crayon to ClickUp, Confluence, Freshworks, Guru, Highspot, Notion, Seismic, Sharepoint, Showpad, Welcome, and more


Conversation Intel Software

Only with Crayon can you unlock the value of your sales reps’ conversations for your CI program.

  • Combine intel from call recordings with the rich digital footprint that only Crayon can capture
  • Easily add call recordings to your CI stream, with key takeaways that answer the question, “What does this mean for us?”
  • Stay proactive with weekly updates on your top competitors. See how often they're mentioned and who on your sales team has firsthand experience to share
  • Embed snippets of conversations in battlecards, ensuring that important intel doesn’t get “lost in translation”

Use Crayon to fine-tune your field intelligence engine with Chorus, Gong, and more


Single Sign-On Systems

Give your team one-click access to the deepest competitive data asset on the planet—and the deliverables that help them activate it all

  • You’ve built a moat around key areas of your company’s tech stack—put your competitive intel within your circle of security
  • Build a culture of competitive intelligence by making sure everyone in your organization has easy access to your CI software
  • Create a secure connection to a SOC2-certified SaaS platform that’s capable of handling as many users as your company has employees

Control access to your Crayon-powered CI data with Azure, Google, Jumpcloud, Okta, OneLogin, and more


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