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Crayon and Primary Intelligence Develop a Market First Integration: Sellers Now Automatically Have the Win-Loss Insights they Need to More Close Deals

When your win/loss data is disconnected from your competitive intelligence tool, trying to understand your differentiators is like trying to appreciate the Mona Lisa from a mere 6 inches away — you kind of get it, but it’s nowhere close to the experience of seeing the full picture (or painting in this case). 

That full picture — bringing together competitive intelligence with the buyer intelligence that’s gleaned from win-loss interviews and surveys is now feasible — and it’s a massive advantage for today’s revenue teams. It’s all possible through an exciting integration between Crayon and Primary Intelligence, the leader in win-loss analysis. (Grab the official news release here!)

While Crayon’s platform automatically tracks and organizes competitive data, there was no way (until now) to layer in buyer feedback collected from sales opportunities. TruVoice, Primary Intelligence’s platform for collecting win-loss insights, is now integrated with Crayon —  valuable buyer feedback no longer needs to sit on the proverbial shelf. Competitive intelligence professionals and product marketers can embed buyer insights from win-loss analysis directly into Crayon deliverables such as battlecards, newsletters, and dashboards. The best part — this happens automatically, in real-time. 

With these insights automatically populating the deliverables sales teams are using, reps can sell confidently against competitors, increasing win rates. This technical integration between Crayon and Primary Intelligence is the first of its kind. We’re excited for our Crayon and Primary Intelligence customers who now have more depth, more context and more insight to close more deals.  

To learn more about the integration, read today’s news release or visit the Primary Intelligence integration page

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