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[New Data] 77% of Businesses Say Holistic Competitive Intel is Critical to Win Against Opposition

Today we’re excited to share the results the largest survey on market and competitive intelligence practices. Crayon’s 2018 State of Market Intelligence Report dives into the best practices, challenges, and opportunities in the field of market research and intelligence.

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How to Decode Your Competitor's 2018 Strategy with Predictive Intel

A new year is upon us, and with it annual plans with new key initiatives for 2018. While you are crafting and executing your plan, so are your competitors… how will your plan succeed in light of their efforts? What if you knew where they were going to invest so you could get ahead of the game with your own strategy?

There are signals hidden everywhere that allow you to pick up on your competitors’ investments. Here are a few places to start to unearth their 2018 strategies.

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Competitor Analysis Trends: How to Spot Them & What They Mean [+ New Crayon Dashboard!]

Keeping tabs on your competitors involves more than monitoring their announcements or online reviews. Competitive intelligence requires analysis in order to turn information into actionable insights. But that process isn’t easy - how do you get the right intelligence, how do you draw conclusions from that data, and what do you do with that analysis? Here are a few steps to get you started with spotting and leveraging competitor trends.

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A Primer on Win Loss Analysis as a Competitive Intelligence Tool

The following post was written by Zach Golden, Consultant at Anova Consulting Group, a leading provider of B2B win loss analysis.

chess-win-lose.pngThere is nothing quite like the feeling of closing a sale with a successful team effort, especially when up against a top competitor. But after the celebration fades, how often do teams have an accurate sense of which aspect of the offering or sales process resonated with the prospect?

Other times, when a top rival wins the day, negative emotions set in -- disbelief, disappointment, maybe even anger. Above all, the number one question facing organizations following a lost opportunity is: why did we lose?

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