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Intelligence & Inspiration for Marketing, CI, & Strategy Teams


5 Ways You’re Wasting Time on Manual Competitive Intelligence Research

Do you find yourself meaninglessly scrolling through the internet looking for intel on your competitors? Well, you can make that time 10x more effective with just a few tips and tricks. It’s all a matter of setting goals, looking at the right sources, and using your intel to enable your sales, marketing, and product teams. Check out these five ways you might be wasting time on competitive intelligence research.

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16 Questions to Answer in Your Product Marketing Plan

As the new year inches closer and closer, it’s time to dive into the oh-so-beloved activity of building a marketing plan. OK, maybe it’s not so beloved - after all, it can be daunting and challenging to come up with “the perfect plan” to hit those great big goals next year. When you need to start somewhere, it can be helpful to think through the questions you want to answer around growth, strategies, and obstacles. When it comes to building a product marketing plan in particular, these 16 questions will help you establish the foundations of a product marketing plan for a stellar year.

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Three Ways to Get Employee Buy-In for Your Competitive Intelligence Program

The following post was written by Julie Carey, Senior Manager of Global Brand & Messaging at Akamai Technologies. Julie has a decade of B2B technology marketing experience and has led marketing teams at startups, mid-sized businesses, and enterprises. When she's not launching programs or championing her company’s brand, you might find Julie running along the Charles River in Boston or researching her next great book club read.

We have probably never met. Even so, I am confident you have a stellar background and a proven track record of success in competitive intelligence. Or, if you’re new to competitive intelligence, you have the energy, curiosity, and work ethic to kickstart a robust competitive intelligence program. By all accounts, you are poised to take competitive intelligence to the next level at your company.

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10 Sales Enablement Terms You Need to Know

Sales enablement is an important role in any organization - ensuring that sales has the skills and tools to win in their market. Most industries change rapidly, with competitors regularly launching campaigns and products or new competitors breaking into the market. Maybe you’re new to sales enablement, or perhaps you need a refresher of key terms. No matter your current sales enablement knowledge status, we’ve put together a helpful sales enablement glossary that you can keep in your back pocket, to ensure that you’re setting up your sales team for success.

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