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Crayon T-Shirts: Smoking Hot Right Now

Posted by Jonah Lopin on December 28, 2016.

Let’s keep this simple: get a Crayon demo in 2016 and we’ll send you your new favorite T-Shirt.

We believe marketing teams need a complete picture of what’s happening in their market. We believe you should be fully informed and never get blindsided by news or competitor moves. We believe that to do your best work, you need a high degree of market awareness. Hop on a demo with us and we’ll show you what we do.

Happy holidays from your friends at Crayon!

* awesome developers not included in free T-Shirt offer.

25 Examples of Home Page Email Capture Forms

Posted by Dan Slagen on December 16, 2016.

The most popular page on every website is the home page. It serves as a launching pad for your brand and moves visitors into a conversion funnel. If you’re direct response focused, there’s no better page to optimize for lead generation than your home page.

Today, we explore 25 examples of brands offering an email capture on their home page. For some, collecting email addresses is priority concern number one. For others, it’s a secondary/tertiary focus to connect with visitors higher up in the conversion funnel. 

While “email capture” might not sound like the most exciting thing to test in the world, it has the potential to have a massive impact. Think about how many people visit your home page every month. Now take 20% of that number and imagine if you could grow your email list by that much every month just by asking…

25 Examples of Home Page Email Capture Forms

1. Toneapi


Above the fold and not apologizing for it. An informative graphic or a few words under the email capture could help inform visitors a bit more about the free trial. Toneapi could also test other offers that are higher up in the conversion funnel.

2. Feedme


Repetition can be a good thing. In this case, while the multiple email form offerings ensures users will pay attention, the visual presentation blends in a bit too much with the rest of the page.

3. Coach


Understandable that the email capture form is in the footer, especially with a brand like Coach. The offering could be enhanced a bit though, with an exclusive offer for signing up.

4. Piper


Nice presentation combining imagery and concise content. Would be interesting to test the location of the email capture by moving it higher up the page.

5. Chatbooks


Great looking page, but the email capture feels like they’re “going through the marketing motions” by throwing their newsletter signup in the footer. If the newsletter is something you’re proud of and there’s real value to it, then feature it more prominently!

6. Slack


Great example of providing meaningful content, and in return asking for an email address. Ironic that in order to get fewer emails in your inbox you have to sign up using your email address, and then Slack will send you an email, adding to the number of emails in your inbox.

7. Gravox


Visitors have little reason to sign up for email updates here, the experience would be improved with some brief content and/or offering.

8. Grovo


Prominent location of the email form in the header, might be useful to test adding another email capture form towards the bottom of the page for users to convert once they’ve read the value prop.

9. Charlie


The “invite only” pitch has worked exceptionally well for brands like Product Hunt, and the FOMO factor is strong on this page.

10. Robinhood


Very well done. Concise value prop, well placed email capture form, offering visitors “early access” using FOMO and offering a product video below.

11. Manpacks


Two things here that stand out from other designs. First, the CTA says “get started” which tells the user that there’s something coming next besides just getting an email. Second, the “100’s of men already signed up” highlight is there to nudge visitors that are on the fence about converting. This will have a psychological impact on certain users and entice them to convert.

12. Picatic


Great site, but the email capture form could be so much more! See other designs in this collection.

13. Scandu


Great page. The email capture experience could be enhanced by adding another offering higher up on the page as well as shifting the CTA content to be a bit more enticing, convincing visitors that now is the time to sign up.

14. Create Trips


Nice to see them featuring an email capture form but there isn’t enough content around it to be appealing to visitors.

15. Pottery Barn


Opportunity for Potter Barn to add an exclusive offer to their email sign up. Just as they’re offering free shipping in their header image, they have the opportunity to give users similar benefits.

16. Lipsy


For those looking for things to place in the footer, you can always add the newsletter sign-up, but the placement alone devalues the offering.

17. Refresh


While the CTA blends a bit too well with the rest of the page, the offering and CTA to users is compelling and useful.

18. Defy


Well designed email capture for being in the footer, but the images of credit cards may have a negative conversion rate impact on some users who will think about security concerns.

19. Elementum


The email capture experience could be spruced up a bit, but one thing that works well here is the content within the sign-up box. Want someone’s work email? Just ask for it!

20. ivee


Footer section placement. Nice to see some content telling visitors what they’ll get by signing up!

21. Happy Inspector


We’ve seen the trend a few times in this collection. Great page, however, the email capture seems to be placed in the footer just so they can say it’s there. It would be worthwhile for the team to spend a day on finalizing this page and making the email capture form worthwhile.

22. FieldLens


If you’re going to have a direct response oriented home page, then you might as well go all in! Nice job here as FieldLens offers their email capture in the header section as well as at the bottom of the page.

23. Soma


Good example of an easy way (low impact) to test your newsletter offering by placing it in the footer. While we like to see the CTA content, we’d love to see an exclusive offer for visitors who sign up!

24. Try the World


Great job for being in the footer. Well designed, neat and compelling content that will make visitors consider signing up (if they make it that far down the page!).

25. Alden & Harlow


First, we wish every restaurant website looked this good. That said, all restaurant websites should offer an email capture and offer visitors the chance to win discounts, VIP treatments or special reservation options…etc

To see all 25 designs featured in this collection, head back over to Crayon!

Seeking Input from Professional Marketers

Posted by Julia Davids on December 15, 2016.

Would you like to influence an artificial intelligence built to help marketers work faster?

One of the most important things we do at Crayon is to listen to what people think about our product! Your input directly influences our product design.

Crayon Product Feedback Initiative

Starting now, we are actively seeking corporate marketers who can offer Crayon product feedback. We want to speak with high-achieving marketers who juggle many tasks, and do their best to track their competitors’ go-to-market strategies.

Interviews take place weekly on Tuesday afternoons. Remote or local is okay. 

Coming up, we have 1-hr slots available between 1pm and 5pm on Tuesday 1/3 and 1/10.

Please take a minute to fill out this survey ( We will be in touch with you shortly after. Once you participate in an interview, you will receive a $20 gift card to show our appreciation for your ideas.

Thank you!

Questions? Email 

Dear Customers: We Raised $3.35M to Build You Something Amazing

Posted by Jonah Lopin on November 10, 2016.

I’m psyched to announce great news for Crayon customers today: we raised a round of funding from some of the best investors in the world, and we’re going to use the capital to build you an (even more :) amazing product.

We believe marketing & sales teams can get massive leverage by ingesting data from the external environment, and then organizing and storing that data, and mining it for actionable insights.

We’re honored to be working with tens of thousands of you – the best sales & marketing teams – and partnering with you on this journey to unlock the critical market insights embedded in signals on the web and the physical world.

We’re hiring stars across the company, so if you live in Boston and you’re awesome at what you do, we’d love to meet you.

If you want to learn more about the funding round, check out these thoughtful articles:

You can also read our press release, if you’re into that.

What next steps do we recommend, you ask? These are good:

  1. If you’re great at what you do and you are intrigued by our plans for inter-galactic domination, please check out our jobs page
  2. Tweet, comment, email us (goodtimes[at]crayon[dot]co), or spread the word - help us share the love

Not a Crayon user yet?

  1. Sign up for Crayon (it’s free)
  2. If you’re on a sales team or a marketing team, please request a demo  or a free report

Have an awesome Thursday!