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We Analyzed the Top 100 Tech Company Websites from the Fortune 500 List: Here’s What We Found

Every year we see a fresh Fortune 500 list, filled with company names we all know and love. These companies are running the world as we know it today, whether they are ecommerce websites, technology companies, life science firms, entertainment giants, or car manufacturers, these companies all represent success. Many of these companies, however, are also in highly competitive industries. Take the technology industry - multiple companies are producing similar software solutions, hardware, or consulting services. This year, we decided to dive in and analyze the websites of the top 100 technology companies on the list, and see what their websites have in common, and where they differ. Let’s take a look at what we found.

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Competitor Tiers: How to Break Down Your Competitive Landscape

“Who are your competitors?” is a seemingly simple question that can be surprisingly difficult to answer. Do you answer with your most common competitors from a sales perspective? Or, the leaders in the industry even if you don’t compete directly? Or, the companies you’re not yet competitive with, but you hope to be after certain product development efforts? Do you repeat those answers for each of the verticals and geographies you serve as well?

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3 Qualitative Data Sources You Should Use in Your Win/Loss Analysis

Performing a win/loss analysis is one of the single most valuable things a product marketer can do for their company. It helps sales understand why they are winning (or losing) deals, pushes marketing to refine their messaging and tactics, and informs the strategy of the product team by having them evaluate their roadmap.

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What is a SWOT Analysis? Let’s Start with the Basics

In order to win a market, you need to know where your company stands in the competitive landscape and where you have opportunities to grow. One analysis that can help your business grow is a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis allows you to dig into your strengths and weaknesses, and explore the opportunities and threats in your market. A SWOT analysis is not only great for business strategy, but it’s a robust competitive intelligence tool.

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