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Competitive Matrix Examples: 5 Ways to Compare Competitors

Analyzing your competitive landscape is key to understanding where and how you fit into the market of available solutions. Plotting and comparing solutions in a competitive matrix allows you to gain perspective and insight about where you fit into the overall playing field - how you stack up and where your strengths lie. Effective competitive comparisons start with benchmarking your own company and creating a framework to evaluate each solution across a set of dimensions. Here are a few types of competitive matrices that can provide insight into your market landscape.

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How to Eliminate Battlecard Bias to Help Sales Win Competitive Deals

chess-3325010_1920One helpful tool in an effective sales enablement playbook is battlecards, especially for when a prospect is choosing between your product and a competitor’s. All too often, companies make the mistake of filling these battlecards with points that have been collected by word of mouth. For instance, if a salesperson is on a call with a prospect and that prospect mentions something about a competitor, that may be added to the battlecard. But, how can you ensure that it’s an accurate insight, and how can other prospects confirm that you’re giving them unbiased information? Let’s take a look at how to eliminate bias and arm your sales team with the best battlecards.

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Announcing $5M in Funding & Crayon's Next Chapter: Actionable Market Intelligence for Every Employee

I’m thrilled to announce that Crayon has raised $5M in new funding in a round led by Steve Anderson at Baseline Ventures, with participation from existing investor and board member Eric Paley at Founder Collective, Maia Heymann at Converge, and notable angel investors.

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Competitive Analysis Requires Benchmarking Your Own Company

Competitive analysis should be an integral part of every business’ strategy. Earlier this year, we conducted a survey and published the 2018 State of Market Intelligence Report to uncover how businesses are analyzing their competitive landscape. It was encouraging to find that 82% of people are tracking their own company alongside their competitors. This may seem like a high percentage, but truthfully, the number should be 100% - every company should be tracking themselves alongside their competition. Let’s take a look at the value tracking yourself can bring to your competitive strategy.

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