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Crayon Resources Library

Free Resources on Competitive Intelligence, Marketing Trends, and More.

Competitive Intelligence

State of Competitive Intelligence

2021 State of Competitive Intelligence

60+ Pages

The industry's largest study of competitive intelligence trends, metrics, best practices, and more with three years of data

GCI Cover

Guide to Competitive Intelligence

45+ Page Guide

Learn how to out-market and out-maneuver your competitors by tracking their every move.

Executive Briefing Templates Crayon

Executive Briefing Templates

5 Templates + Bonus COVID-19 Template

Analyze and present market and competitive insights to stakeholders

Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 10.54.05 AM-1

Guide to Distributing Competitive Intelligence

Guide + Bonus Templates

You just uncovered key competitive insights. How do you get that intel into the right hands?

2020 Template for Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis Template

50+ Editable Slides

Analyze your competitive landscape and find opportunities to win in your market.


Competitive Intelligence Database Template

Customizable Template

Centralize your CI and develop a more holistic understanding of your competitive landscape.

Competitive Intelligence Modeling for Industry Disruption-Based Business Growth

CI Modeling for Industry Disruption-Based Business Growth

20+ Pages

Written by Paul Santilli. Learn about disruptive environments and the rise of the Intelligence Strategist™.

Key Elements CCP Cover

Guide to Competitive Comparison Pages

16 Page Guide

This guide will cover 10 key elements of effective competitive comparison pages.

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Why AI is the Ultimate CI Colleague

45 Minutes

Learn how AI is not replacing — but rather enhancing — the job of the CI professional.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing Strategy Kit

Product Marketing Strategy Kit

4 Resources in 1

How are you going to level up the impact of your product marketing efforts in 2021?

Product Marketing Measurement Template

Product Marketing Measurement Template

30+ Editable Slides + Workbook

Measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of product marketing activities


Guide to Measuring Product Marketing

Guide + Template

Learn how to overcome the challenge of measuring impact + key metrics to track.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.38.45 AM-2

Building a Product Marketing Team

30+ page guide

Learn how to source, hire, and grow a successful team of talented product marketers.

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Complete Product Launch Toolkit

4 Resources in 1

Everything you need to prepare, execute, and evaluate your next launch

Guide to Battlecards Cover Image

Guide to Competitive Battlecards

20+ page guide

Learn how to create and maintain world-class battlecards that drive competitive win rate

Sales Enablement

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.49.43 PM

Competitive Battlecard Templates

7 Templates

Customize with your branding, competitors, and content, and share with your team.

Sales Enablement ebookfinalED-1

Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement

40+ Page Guide

Learn how to build a sales enablement program that drives revenue

On-Demand Digital Bootcamps

Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp [Replay]

Virtual Bootcamp

From CI career development, remote CI, to how CI is being impacted in today's environment, these sessions will level up your skills.

Product Marketing Bootcamp [Replay]

Virtual Bootcamp

Check out these jam-packed sessions led by product marketing leaders from Toast, Rapid7, HubSpot, Trello, and HighSpot.

Revenue Leadership Bootcamp

Revenue Leadership Bootcamp [Replay]

Virtual Bootcamp

Join revenue leaders from Drift, HubSpot, Lola.com, SalesLoft, and SquadLocker for a jam-packed day of learning and actionable insights.