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Crayon Resources Library

Free Resources on Competitive Intelligence, Marketing Trends, and More.

Competitive Intelligence

State of Competitive Intelligence

2020 State of Competitive Intelligence

60+ Pages

The industry's largest study of competitive intelligence trends, metrics, best practices, and more with three years of data

GCI Cover

2020 Guide to Competitive Intelligence

45+ Page Guide

Learn how to out-market and out-maneuver your competitors by tracking their every move.

Executive Briefing Templates Crayon

Executive Briefing Templates

5 Templates + Bonus COVID-19 Template

Analyze and present market and competitive insights to stakeholders

Competitive Intelligence Modeling for Industry Disruption-Based Business Growth

CI Modeling for Industry Disruption-Based Business Growth

20+ Pages

Written by Paul Santilli. Learn about disruptive environments and the rise of the Intelligence Strategist™.

Competitive Intelligence Planning Kit 2020

Competitive Intel 2020 Planning Kit

4 Resources in 1

Kit of competitive intelligence resources to start 2020 with a strong competitive edge.


Playbook for Distributing Intel

Guide + 5 Templates

You just uncovered key competitive insights. How do you get that intel into the right hands?


Competitive Intel Resource Kit

9 Resources in 1

Kit of competitive intelligence resources to guide and reference in your next CI project.


Competitive Analysis Template

50+ Editable Slides

Analyze your competitive landscape and find opportunities to win in your market.


Competitive Intelligence Database Template

Customizable Template

Centralize your CI and develop a more holistic understanding of your competitive landscape.

Key Elements CCP Cover

Guide to Competitive Comparison Pages

16 Page Guide

This guide will cover 10 key elements of effective competitive comparison pages.

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Reducing Churn with CI & Analysis

60 Minutes

Learn about churn analysis, CI, & effectively using research to reduce churn.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.38.17 AM

How to Win in 2019 with Competitive Intelligence

60 Minutes

Learn how you can have a great 2019 by integrating CI into your marketing strategy.

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Why AI is the Ultimate CI Colleague

45 Minutes

Learn how AI is not replacing — but rather enhancing — the job of the CI professional.

Product Marketing

Product Marketing Planning Kit 2020

Product Marketing 2020 Planning Kit

4 Resources in 1

How are you going to level up the impact of your product marketing efforts in 2020?

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Competitive Intel for Product Marketing

25+ Page Guide

Learn how to integrate competitive intel into your product marketing strategy.

Product Marketing Measurement Template

Product Marketing Measurement Template

30+ Editable Slides + Workbook

Measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of product marketing activities


Guide to Measuring Product Marketing

Guide + Template

Learn how to overcome the challenge of measuring impact + key metrics to track.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 8.38.45 AM-2

Building a Product Marketing Team

30+ page guide

Learn how to source, hire, and grow a successful team of talented product marketers.

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Complete Product Launch Toolkit

4 Resources in 1

Everything you need to prepare, execute, and evaluate your next launch

Guide to Battlecards Cover Image

Guide to Competitive Battlecards

20+ page guide

Learn how to create and maintain world-class battlecards that drive competitive win rate


Guide to Intel-Driven Content

30+ Page Guide

Learn how to use competitive intel to get an unfair advantage in your content marketing.

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 11.08.24 AM

On-Demand Crayon & Eigenworks Webinar

60 Minutes

Why We Win (or Lose): Powering Your CI Program with Win/Loss Analysis

Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Planning Kit 2020

Sales Enablement Planning Kit 2020

4 Resources in 1

Get a kit of sales enablement resources to start 2020 with a strong competitive edge

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 1.49.43 PM

Competitive Battlecard Templates

7 Templates

Customize with your branding, competitors, and content, and share with your team.

Sales Enablement ebookfinalED-1

Ultimate Guide to Sales Enablement

40+ Page Guide

Learn how to build a sales enablement program that drives revenue

On-Demand Digital Bootcamps

Competitive Intelligence Bootcamp [Replay]

Virtual Bootcamp

From CI career development, remote CI, to how CI is being impacted in today's environment, these sessions will level up your skills.

Product Marketing Bootcamp [Replay]

Virtual Bootcamp

Check out these jam-packed sessions led by product marketing leaders from Toast, Rapid7, HubSpot, Trello, and HighSpot.

Revenue Leadership Bootcamp

Revenue Leadership Bootcamp [Replay]

Virtual Bootcamp

Join revenue leaders from Drift, HubSpot, Lola.com, SalesLoft, and SquadLocker for a jam-packed day of learning and actionable insights.