Competitive Intelligence

Guide to Competitive Intelligence

40+ Page Guide

Learn how to out-market and out-maneuver your competitors by tracking their every move.

Competitive Intel 2019 Planning Kit

5 Resources in 1

Kit of competitive intelligence resources to start 2019 with a strong competitive edge.

Playbook for Distributing Intel

Guide + 5 Templates

You just uncovered key competitive insights. How do you get that intel into the right hands?

Competitive Intel Resource Kit

9 Resources in 1

Kit of competitive intelligence resources to guide and reference in your next CI project.


State of Competitive Intelligence Report

55+ pages, 50+ graphs

Largest study of the best practices, challenges, and opportunities in market & competitive intelligence.

Competitive Analysis Template

Competitive Analysis Template

50+ Editable Slides

Analyze your competitive landscape and find opportunities to win in your market.

Competitive Intelligence Database Template

Customizable Template

Centralize your CI and develop a more holistic understanding of your competitive landscape.

Reducing Churn with Competitive Intelligence and Analysis

Reducing Churn with CI & Analysis

60 Minutes

Learn about churn analysis, CI, & effectively using research to reduce churn.

How to Win in 2019 with Competitive Intelligence

How to Win in 2019 with Competitive Intelligence

60 Minutes

Learn how you can have a great 2019 by integrating CI into your marketing strategy.


Product MarketinG

Competitive Intelligence for Product Marketing

Competitive Intel for Product Marketing

25+ Page Guide

Learn how to integrate competitive intel into your product marketing strategy.

Building a Product Marketing Team

30+ page guide

Learn how to source, hire, and grow a successful team of talented product marketers.

Guide to Measuring Product Marketing

Guide to Measuring Product Marketing

Guide + Template

Learn how to overcome the challenge of measuring impact + key metrics to track.

Crayon Battlecard Templates

Competitive Battlecard Templates

7 Templates

Customize with your branding, competitors, and content, and share with your team.

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On-Demand Crayon & Eigenworks Webinar

60 Minutes

Why We Win (or Lose): Powering Your CI Program with Win/Loss Analysis



Guide to Intel-Driven Content

30+ Page Guide

Learn how to use competitive intel to get an unfair advantage in your content marketing.

Guide to Marketing Design Collaboration

25+ Page Guide

Get tips and tricks for Marketing and Design teams to work together more effectively.

Landing Page Trends

Landing Page Trends Report, 2017

Analysis of 1,000+ Pages

Analysis the top 1,000+ landing pages, detailing trends related to design, content, and more.