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Introducing Seller Engagement: A New Way to Analyze Battlecard Usage and Win Rates

Creating competitive enablement assets like battlecards can feel like a futile effort if they aren’t being used by your sales team. Is anyone reading this intel? Are these battlecards making an impact on how my reps compete? Are we seeing results where it matters most — win rates?!  

Today Crayon introduced Seller Engagement, a new set of analytics that reveals which sellers are engaging with battlecards AND winning deals. Product marketers and CI leaders can use Seller Engagement analytics to be more intentional and proactive when they collaborate with their sales teams on battlecard content.

Here’s How it Works

With the Salesforce integration set up, Crayon calculates performance based on win rates imported from Salesforce alongside battlecard views. Sellers are automatically grouped into an easy to read matrix — “win rates” from low to high on the vertical axis and “battlecard views” along the horizontal axis — also from low to high.

Seller Engagement Matrix: Assessment and Action Items 

Based on win rate and battlecard views, sellers are categorized into one of four quadrants (see below). As the CI leader, you can spot where a seller lands within the matrix and then determine the action items from you and your team.

Seller Engagement Square with High and Low_blog

The Stars

High Win Rate, High Engagement/Battlecard Views

These reps are consistently using battlecards and winning competitive deals. They’re your stars and can make an impact by being an example to the rest of your sales team and company. 

Suggested Action Items for CI Pros 

  • Highlight these reps to sales management – they’re crushing it!
  • Reach out personally and congratulate them. Shout out their success on Slack or other collaborative channels. 
  • Create internal win stories e.g. mini case studies and share with other reps as well as the leadership team. These star reps are proof points that CI is driving competitive wins!

The Mavericks

High Win Rate, Low Engagement/Battlecard Views

These reps are winning deals but don’t always use battlecards along the way. They’ve found a proven way to beat the competition but aren’t finding value in your CI program. It’s time to dig in.

Suggested Action Items for CI Pros

  • Listen in on sales calls from these reps since there are probably some killer talk tracks you can (and should!) incorporate into your battlecard content. 
  • Meet with them directly to better understand their sales strategies and enable other reps on the team based on what these reps are teaching you.

The Up-and-Comers 

Low Win Rate, High Engagement/Battlecard Views

These reps are bought into CI and are using your battlecards (woohoo!) but their win rates aren’t where you would expect them to be. This is a great chance to doubledown with these reps to make sure your enablement is effective and to find opportunities to support them more.

Suggested Action Items for CI Pros

  • Listen to call recordings to determine how these reps are using battlecard content on sales calls. 
  • If the battlecard content doesn’t seem to be clicking with prospects, it may be time for a content refresh.

The Opportunities 

Low Win Rate, Low Engagement/Battlecard Views

These reps need enablement ASAP. Working with and enabling these reps with CI content will have an impact on competitive win rates. 

Suggested Action Items for CI Pros

  • Dig in and find out why they aren’t currently using battlecards. The answer may be as simple as they didn’t know where to locate them! 
  • Set up an enablement training session with these reps to walk through all the latest and greatest CI content that’s currently available.

Within Crayon users can click on individual boxes, filtering through a view of their sellers. Additionally, there's a summary stats section that provides details on the average KPIs for each group. 

A special shout out to Sam Rinaldo, Senior Competitive Intelligence Analyst at Lucid Software for providing his thoughtful insights on the Seller Engagement Matrix. 

Seller Engagement is one of the many ways Crayon enables sales teams to compete more effectively and win.

Ready to get more proactive with your team and get a seat at the table with sales? Grab a demo and talk to our team today!

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