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10 Online Events & Resources for Product Marketing & Competitive Intelligence Pros

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Ellie Mirman on Tue, Apr 14, 2020

The entire tech world, and many other industries, are suddenly grounded at home, working remotely. Events have been postponed or canceled, but we’re all still hungry to learn and develop. On top of that, many are on the hunt for new roles, and anything to help them beef up their resumes and brush up their skills is particularly helpful right now.

With many of us cooped up in our home offices (or couch offices, or kitchen offices), now is a great time to dig into the great source of continuing education resources available online. Here are 10 online resources for expanding your product marketing and competitive intelligence skills.

Product Marketing Online Continuing Education 

Pragmatic Institute’s Certifications ($$, Multiple Dates)

Pragmatic Institute is known for their intensive certification trainings that are usually done in person. They’ve moved these sessions online, and their frameworks offer a great baseline for those in product marketing or product management.

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Crayon’s Product Marketing Digital Bootcamp (Free, April 24, 2020)

Crayon is hosting a jam-packed half-day event dedicated to product marketing learning. Speakers from HubSpot, Atlassian, Highspot, and more will present on great and timely topics, including how to hire - and get hired as - a product marketing manager and how to measure product marketing initiatives.

Check it out

Udemy’s Product Marketing Courses ($, On Demand)

Udemy has hundreds of courses on product marketing topics, of different lengths and tailored to different experience levels, each for a relatively small fee. Check for deals for new students as well. Top courses include sessions on persona development, product marketing strategy, and product launch hacks.

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Coursera’s Product Marketing Courses (Free, On Demand)

Coursera also has hundreds of courses on product marketing topics, and is tied to a variety of universities. Filter by level, skill, or university to find just what you’re looking for. Top courses include sessions on customer insights, strategic innovation, and marketing analytics.

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SurveyMonkey’s Product Marketing Webinar Series (Free, March-April 2020)

SurveyMonkey is hosting a few webinars (some have past and are available on-demand, some are upcoming) on product marketing topics. Topics include messaging and go-to-market strategies.

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Stanford’s Product Marketing Essentials Class ($$, On Demand)

Take a true university course on product marketing from Stanford, all online. Their Product Marketing Essentials class can be viewed on demand and ends with an exam and continuing education course credit. This class is part of the curriculum for their Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate - if you’re interested, there’s a free introductory class available.

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Looking for even more product marketing resources? Check out this list of resources recommended by product marketing experts.

Competitive Intelligence Online Continuing Education

SCIP’s Webinar Series (Free, Multiple Dates)

SCIP is ramping up their digital events, which include a series of educational webinars and AMA (ask me anything) chats with competitive intelligence professionals. Join one of these free events to expand your CI perspectives and skills.

See Upcoming Events

Crayon’s Competitive Intelligence Digital Bootcamp (Free, May 1, 2020)

Crayon is hosting a jam-packed half-day event dedicated to competitive intelligence learning. Speakers from GitLab, Lone Star, Deltek, and more will present on great and timely topics, including how to enable a remote sales team with actionable CI and career development paths for CI professionals.

Check it out

Academy of Competitive Intelligence ($$$, On Demand)

Academy of CI has been doing intensive CI trainings for three decades. They offer some of their trainings online, though they are pretty pricey. Classes include War Gaming, Competitive Benchmarking, and Cross-Competitor Analysis.

Learn More

American Public University’s Online Certificate in CI ($$$, Monthly)

APU is a private organization that offers, among other courses, an online certificate program in CI. The course is completely all online, and consists of 9 classes. The course runs monthly, with the next one starting at the beginning of May.

Learn More

For more university-run courses and certificate programs, see this list.

For more CI resources such as books and online communities, check out our list.

Now is a great time to learn a new skill, expand your perspective, beef up your credentials. These resources offer a range of ways to keep your student hat on and keep pushing yourself to grow as a product marketing or CI professional.

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