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Never Get Blindsided by a Competitor Again. Crayon Introduces CI Without Limits.

It’s a typical Monday morning as you go through emails and catch up. Suddenly an urgent email arrives from the CEO: “Did you see this?” 

Cue instant anxiety….palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy….you get the idea. Now your Slack is blowing up with questions about the big piece of competitor news. 

The competitor news you missed. 

If you’re leading competitive intelligence or own CI in any capacity, this scenario is pretty much your worst nightmare. Getting blindsided by your competition results in missed opportunities - for market share, for growth, for revenue. 

That’s why our software is built to make it as easy as possible for everyone at your company to stay on top of the competition—and to do so without limits. With Crayon, you can:

  • Track as many competitors as you’d like
  • Let automation carry the burden of separating signal from noise
  • Share as much content with as many people as you’d like

Keep reading to learn what CI without limits is all about.

Track as many competitors as you’d like

It’s critical to have a high-level of awareness on the companies you’re competing with directly, but what about those ankle-biters who are trying to grab a piece of the market? Or those adjacent partners that start developing solutions that are a little too close for comfort? How are you tracking this level of competition? 

Crayon keeps you informed about each and every rival solution — no matter how big, small or new to the market they might be. Crayon admins can add an unlimited amount of competitors to track right from the Crayon interface by simply:

  • searching for a competitor’s website domain
  • selecting the competitor that matches the domain
  • selecting the Twitter handle for the competitor
  • adding the competitor to the Crayon portal

News mentions about the competitor from the last 30 days populate into the portal automatically.

how to add competitors to your Crayon portal

Let automation carry the burden of separating signal from noise 

You may hesitate to track a large number of competitors out of fear of getting overwhelmed by irrelevant information. This is where Crayon’s AI-powered analysis comes into play. With an intelligence layer built directly into the platform, Crayon scores individual insights and then prioritizes them based on relevance. Only the most relevant intel is surfaced to the top. 

Keeping tabs on the competitive landscape gets a whole lot easier when the right filters are placed on top of Crayon’s unparalleled data collection.

how to filter Crayon insights by importance score

Share as much content with as many people as you’d like

In volatile markets (sound familiar?) companies simply can’t afford to get blindsided by the competition. Crayon recently released “Competitive Intelligence without Limits” —  translation: there are never any boundaries set around the gathering and sharing of competitive intel. With Crayon, companies now have: 

  • Unlimited Competitor Tracking
  • Unlimited User Licenses - including administrators
  • Unlimited CI deliverables - battlecards, dashboards, etc.

Increasing adoption around competitive intel comes down to making it as easy as possible for teams, specifically sales teams, to digest insights. When everyone across the company has automatic access to real-time competitive information, win rates increase.  

To avoid the Monday morning panic attacks, don’t let the competition catch you off guard.

Schedule a demo of Crayon and instantly close more deals.

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