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Crayon Inspire Got a Makeover to Make Your Website Redesign Inspiration Easier

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Emily Dumas on Mon, Aug 20, 2018

Inspire, Crayon’s web design inspiration hub, has received a redesign of its own. Inspire is designed to help you discover the best inspiration for your next website redesign project. With millions of homepages, product pages, and pricing pages from everyone’s favorite brands, there is a never-ending library of inspiration that will bring your website redesign to life.

Crayon Inspire - Website Design Inspiration

Crayon is passionate about giving marketers visibility into their external environment to make their work better. Mapping out the perfect redesign can include a lot of moving parts. With Inspire, you can browse and search millions of web pages that will act as an extra, free resource to benefit your design projects and make your job easier.

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The value of Inspire is endless - new designs are added every day, always giving users a fresh set of ideas. Over the last thirty days, nearly 1,600 designs were added to Inspire - 1,600 new ideas for marketers to leverage for their own redesigns. We’re incredibly excited to collect and share these designs with the marketing community and assist in creating the next round of website redesigns.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.16.58 AM

Product Pages

An example of what you’d find when searching product pages is this website redesign from Ideum. Here we can see which elements of their products page they changed. Although they are showcasing the same products, they do it in a whole new, minimalistic way. They now highlight the products down the center of the page without a sidebar about the company. Instead, they have the blurb at the top, this time on a darker background. The color changes and layout changes put a more significant emphasis on the products in a direct, new way.  

Crayon Inspire - Website Design Inspiration

If you’re looking to give your product page a new look, check out our collection of product pages. We currently have over 350,000 designs that you can explore for inspiration!

Pricing Pages

No matter what market you’re in, pricing is highly competitive, so pricing pages get updated frequently. Even if you’re not looking for pricing inspiration, the way that different companies showcase their memberships, subscriptions, and product pricing can give you the elements you need to tie together the perfect pricing page experience.

A great example of a recent pricing redesign is this one from appbase.io. They changed their pricing page to reflect a whole new level of pricing - free. They also adjusted the prices to reflect new pricing options, including the expansion of their dedicated plan. They also use their pricing page to highlight happy customers and give comprehensive descriptions of key features.

Crayon Inspire - Website Design Inspiration

To see more pages like this, check out our 96,350 pricing pages on Inspire.


The homepage is most likely your first impression of a company’s website, so the content and design of this page is critical. Recently, Perk changed their homepage featuring their successes and multiple ways to sign up. Adding in multiple signup options, testimonials from satisfied users, and featuring how many perk rewards they’ve given to date, they positively position their platform right on their homepage.

Crayon Inspire - Website Design Inspiration

To see more homepage redesigns, check out 12,053,800 more on Crayon Inspire.

Team Pages

Showing off your team on your website gives prospects a look at the people behind the product. Sharing the personalities of your employees and your company gives buyers a more personalized experience. The team at Growth Digital calls themselves Growth Ninjas which adds character to their brand. They rearranged the way that their photos were laid out to make the design more crisp and cohesive. They also added in contact forms and contact information on the team page, so that you can reach out with any questions, and put a face to the name behind the support emails.

Crayon Inspire - Website Design Inspiration

To see more team pages like this one, check out 578,500 more team redesigns on Crayon Inspire.

A Collection of Competitive Comparison Pages

Competitive comparison pages are invaluable to those in highly competitive industries. On Inspire, there’s a collection of competitive comparison pages to drive your competitive edge when you design your own.

Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 3.15.38 PM

Filter by Industry

Another handy filter on Inspire is the ability to filter by industry in addition to page type. It’s beneficial to see what others in your industry are doing for their own website redesigns so that you can compete. You can also see what other industries are doing and how it differs from your own.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.13.57 AM

Check out Crayon Inspire is home to the best website design inspiration that will fuel your next redesign. To see our latest website redesign roundups, including our daily Inspire launch week roundups, check out our Medium publication, Website Design Inspiration.

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