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How to Combine Tactical and Educational Competitive Intelligence for Sales Success

Sales are often primary clients of competitive intelligence (CI) in companies and also one of the best channels to drive measurable value through battlecards. By making intel more accessible and closer in tune with the market, product marketers and analysts can help sales reps close more head-to-head deals to drive revenue. In order to maximize this channel for CI, you have to pay attention to not just the data itself but also how salespeople will consume and use the information you give them. You need to be both analyst and internal marketer if you want to move the needle.

The reality is that most salespeople are not going to read every word you write. And that means they are unlikely to dig deep into the nuances without additional dedicated training. They have calls to make, emails to write, bosses to please, and quotas to hit.

Unless you want to be ignored, you should strive to meet them where they are, and target your competitive content for the two modes in which they’ll consume it: tactical and educational. Below, you will find a description of these modes and the type of content that is best for each.

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We Analyzed the Top Healthcare Company Websites from the Fortune 500 List - Here’s What We Discovered

Every company that makes it onto the Fortune 500 list is part of a highly competitive industry, competing for a spot as an industry leader. The last industry we analyzed was the top one hundred tech companies. This time, we’re going to be analyzing the top healthcare companies on the 2019 Fortune 500 list. For the healthcare industry, 71 companies made it onto the 2019 Fortune 500 list. Let’s dive in and take a look at how these healthcare leaders position their online presence within the market.

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How to Enable Channel Partners with Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence (CI) is a function that serves many different parts of an organization. Marketing leverages CI for campaigns and messaging, sales enablement uses it to inform sales reps of competitor movements, product teams use it to inform their roadmaps, and the c-suite uses it to understand their place in the overall market. But one thing that is often overlooked is leveraging competitive intelligence to enable channel partners—also known as technology resellers or distributors.

Channel partners are a great way to exponentially increase the size of your sales force and expand your reach rapidly. However, channel partners are responsible for selling a lot of technologies—not just yours. Oftentimes, these technologies will either directly or indirectly compete with your solution.

So how do you ensure that your channel partners are leveraging the most up-to-date competitive intelligence? Where does competitive intelligence fit into an overall partner enablement strategy?

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Business Intelligence vs. Competitive Intelligence — What’s the Difference and How Can You Benefit from Each?

Business Intelligence (BI) and Competitive Intelligence (CI) are both critical for improving the performance and success rate for your organization. While both are different in practice, when put together, they are an equation for business success. Business Intelligence focuses more on internal strategies, where Competitive Intelligence allows businesses to focus on what’s happening outside the four walls of a company.

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