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Crayon Competitive Intelligence Blog

How to do a Comprehensive Competitor Analysis [+Free Template]

87% of companies say that their market has become more competitive in the last three years, according to the 2019 State of Competitive Intelligence Report. With markets becoming more competitive, doing a thorough competitor analysis is a crucial step to getting a 360 view of the competitive and market landscape. 

Short on time? Download our Competitive Analysis Template here

What is a Competitor Analysis?

A competitor analysis is a lot more than a feature comparison sheet. In fact, some ...

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How to Do a Market Analysis in 5 Steps

Becoming a market expert is a big undertaking. Markets are large, complex, and constantly changing. But if you’re tasked with tackling a market analysis, here are the steps you can take to get an...

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Buyer Personas: What They Are and What to Include

The average person is exposed to about 5,000 marketing messages per day. That is to say, for a marketing campaign to be successful, it will have to really resonate with consumers for them to consider...

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7 Tactics for Designing an Effective Pricing Page

When a webpage is redesigned, there’s a lot we don’t publicly see - the long process of planning, perhaps some A/B testing, and, finally, the execution. Rarely is a redesign done in a vacuum, but...

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7 Tips for Conducting a Competitive Product Analysis

There are many dimensions to a competitive analysis - market and leadership evaluations, sales and marketing assessments, and, of course, in-depth reviews of competitors’ products. A competitive...

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Product Marketing Spotlight Series: Andrew McCotter-Bicknell

Crayon's Product Marketing Spotlight is an interview series where we chat with product marketers to get a glimpse into their careers and gain unique insight into product marketing strategy. In this...

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Competitive Objection Handling: How to Fight Against Competitor Claims

The competition is talking about you, and no surprise—it’s not good. Whether it’s half-truths or outright lies, you need to arm your sales team with tactics and talking points to counter claims made...

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How Emerging Brands Can Displace Giants with Competitive Intelligence

It’s good to be the king. 

Companies that ascend to the top of their industries and become category leaders have one goal: continue to grab market share while fending off the ankle-biters that seek...

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5 Examples of Great Product Launches

When it comes to launching a new product, sales and marketing for that product can be extensive. Not to mention, you have to worry about the new product launch being a flop, as many do. But what if...

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Tips for Executing Your First Product Launch: PMM Leaders Weigh In

Today’s the day - you’re planning your first product launch! So, where do you start? There are many variables required for product launch success. There are important steps pre, during, and...

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