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How to Read Between the Lines of Your Competitor’s Website Update

The following post was written by Brittany Sudlow, Product Marketing Manager at Jumpshot. She specializes in positioning and messaging for go-to-market launches of new products and features. With a passion for storytelling, she translates technical B2B solutions to customer focused benefits.

So your competitor updated their website…

From the outside, this may seem like “just some marketing fluff.” Everyone updates their website at some point! Who cares? But product marketers know to look a little deeper.

This blog will outline the process and questions you need to ask in order to find the why behind your rivals’ web upgrades. Digging into this exercise will not only provide you valuable insight, as a product marketer, but will bubble up learnings that should be shared with a larger team -- product management, demand generation, etc.

Step 1: Inventory the Breadth & Depth of Changes

Begin with identifying what changed. Copy? Design? Products? Audience segments? All of the above? Take note of the breadth of changes so you can determine where to dig deeper.

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Product Marketers: Include These Three Things In Your Next Sales Meeting

Ah, the internal sales meeting. Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or quarterly, nearly every product marketer needs to present to the rest of their sales team about what’s going on in their world. The trouble with update meetings is that they are repetitive in nature—you usually cover the same stuff each time. While there should be “updates” to the subjects you cover each week (or month), if the information you’re sharing isn’t resonating, then your colleagues will tune you out.

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Sales Are People Too: Nailing the Relationship Between Product Marketing and Sales

Sales is a key partner and client of product marketing, but that doesn’t mean that the relationship is always peachy. Since product marketing plays more of an influencer role, finding the most productive ways to work with your sales team can require all of your persuasive power. The keys are to be inclusive, thorough, and persistent. Like any good relationship, you’ll get out what you put in.

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Competitive Intelligence Self-Assessment: Evaluate Your CI Effectiveness Across These 5 Dimensions [+ Template]

Competitive intelligence (CI) surfaces insights that can - and should - be leveraged across the business. Competitive intelligence can be translated into tactical activities as well as strategic decisions by every department and every employee. Let’s walk through the key areas across the business where competitive intelligence actions can be most impactful and provide a framework for assessing your organization’s ability to take advantage of these opportunities.

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