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5 Examples of Competitive Commercials that Will Inspire You To Launch Your Own Competitive Campaign

Poking fun at your competitors is a marketing tactic that has been used for years. Whether you’re making a discreet pass or totally throwing shade at your competition, competitive ads are prominent in media today. Grabbing the attention of customers when you’re in a competitive industry can be tough when they have so many options from which to choose. This is especially true for B2C brands. Enter competitive advertising - ads or commercials in which a company positions itself as the superior product by calling out their competitors’ weaknesses. Let’s take a look at five examples of competitive advertising campaigns to see how these brands tackle advertising in a competitive industry.

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How HR Teams Can Use Competitive Intelligence to Transform the Employee Experience

In the traditional sense, competitive intelligence is used in marketing, product, and sales departments to understand their competitive landscape as well as how a company’s product stands up to the competition. However, Human Resources can also take advantage of competitive intelligence to inform company culture, benefits packages, and more to make sure their company remains competitive for attracting candidates and creating a work environment where people are happy to work. Let's dive into how you can utilize employee reviews and job postings to gather HR insights and maintain a competitive advantage in hiring and retaining employees.

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7 Strategies for Keeping Your Competitors from Copying You

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, is plagiarism the laziest form of flattery? When you work in a highly competitive industry, competitors copying each other is a common occurrence. How can you stop your competitors from copying you? Or is it even possible? How do we keep our carefully crafted content and positioning from getting copied so that we can remain differentiated? Here are seven strategies you can employ to hold your competitors at bay to keep your messaging, positioning, content, and more, differentiated.

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9 Questions to Ask Yourself to Prepare for Product Launch Success

The following was written by Julie Brown, co-founder, and CEO of 56th Street Productions, an event and conference production house and the organizers of the conference, Project Product: Uniting Product Marketing & Management. In addition to event planning, Julie has worked as a product marketer at various software-as-a-service companies and is currently a Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP Customer Experience.  

As a product marketer, product launches are a core component of your job. They can also be one of the hardest. Before embarking on this large endeavor that involves a multitude of stakeholders, be sure to have a plan in place and ask yourself, as well as all other involved parties, the necessary, critical questions. It can be very easy to lose sight and miss the foundational elements of the launch.

It is extremely helpful to have a launch guide outlining each step in the process, and these nine questions should be what you tackle first.

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