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7 Key Sales Enablement Metrics You Should be Tracking

Sales enablement is an essential strategy within every successful organization. Sales enablement is the process of ensuring that your sales team is armed with beneficial tools and resources to help them succeed at their job. But, the act of just building these sales enablement tools and sharing them with your sales team isn’t the end of the process. You need to know how well your sales enablement tools are performing so that you know how to improve or change your strategy. Not sure how you can measure that? Here are seven key sales enablement metrics that you should be tracking.

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Bring It All Together: Creating a Centralized Competitive Database

All too frequently competitive information resides in many homes. The process of collecting competitive intelligence can be messy since the data lives in disparate documents, folders, bookmarks, heads, paper, and other places. Not only is maintaining the mental map itself burdensome, but we have less than optimal visibility across those sources, reducing our ability to synthesize actionable knowledge — all the more so when the raw data is constantly changing. That's why creating a (mostly single-stop) home is key to maintaining your intel and generating ongoing analyses of your competition and market.

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How to Craft the Perfect Product Marketing Job Description [+ 5 Examples]

Crafting a perfect product marketing job description takes time. You want to ensure that you’re sourcing top talent, attracting the best applicants, and accurately presenting the role. No two product marketing descriptions are the same, because no two product marketers are the same. So what exactly should you include in your job descriptions? Product marketing leaders all have a different take on this, though many do overlap with the top qualities they look for when hiring. Since product marketers come from all different backgrounds, the perfect job description varies for each company. You can get started by considering the following areas.

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Planning a Successful Sales Kickoff - 16 Tips from Marketing Leaders

It’s that time of year again -- when we gather the entire sales team together, energize them, educate them, and align them for success in the new year. This effort often falls to the team that we frequently turn to for connecting and communicating across teams: Marketing. It’s no small feat to tackle this annual event, so we turned to marketing leaders to get their tips for a successful kickoff and hear what they’re struggling with this time around.

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