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Intelligence & Inspiration for Marketing, CI, & Strategy Teams


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The Art and Science of Using Competitive Intelligence to Win Sales

The Dangers of Neglecting Competitive Intelligence and Focusing Exclusively on Internal Initiatives

Crayon Inspire Got a Makeover to Make Your Website Redesign Inspiration Easier

3 Challenges of Competitive Intelligence Teams - and How to Overcome Them

Why and How to Track Website Changes on Your Competitors’ Websites

How to Do a Win / Loss Analysis (with Examples and Resource Links)

20 Product Marketing Resources Recommended by Product Marketing Experts

6 Steps to Design a Successful Competitive Intelligence Process

The Buyer's Journey: What Is It and How to Create Product Marketing Content Aligned to Each Stage

9 Market Research Tools That Every Analyst Should Explore

Competitive Intelligence Applications for Marketers, Product Managers, & More

When Amazon Acquired Ring, How Did ADT and Google Respond? [A CI Case Study]

The Importance Of Competitive Intelligence for Startups - How and Why to Get Buy-In

Communicating Competitive Intel: Why Your Intranet and Slack Alone Won’t Cut It

The Next Generation Of Intelligence - Takeaways From SCIP 2018

Are You Tracking These Top 10 Types of Competitive Intelligence?

Why You Should Integrate a Competitive Intelligence Strategy Into Your Business Identity

What are the Benefits of Competitive Intelligence for Your Organization Beyond Sales Enablement?

Competitive Matrix Examples: 5 Ways to Compare Competitors

How to Eliminate Competitive Battlecard Bias to Help Sales Win More Deals

Announcing $5M in Funding & Crayon's Next Chapter: Actionable Market Intelligence for Every Employee

Competitive Analysis Requires Benchmarking Your Own Company

Should Product Marketing Report Into Marketing or Product?

Amazon's Job Description Gave Away Strategic Plans -- What Can You Learn About Your Market's Competitive Strategy from Job Posts?

How to Set Up Free Google Alerts to Monitor Your Competitors

How to Use Your Competitors’ Twitter Activity to Your Advantage

2018 Competitive Intelligence Report: Who's Responsible for Your Organization's Market Intelligence Function?

Competitive Market Research: Study Shows How Companies Monitor Their Competitors

Why and How to Set Competitive Intelligence Goals and KPIs

[New Data] 77% of Businesses Say Holistic Market Intelligence is Critical to Win Against Competition

How to Decode Your Competitor's Strategy with Predictive Intelligence

Competitor Analysis Trends: How to Spot Them & What They Mean [+ New Crayon Dashboard!]

A Primer on Win Loss Analysis as a Competitive Intelligence Tool

5 Tips for Effectively Communicating Competitive Intelligence to Your Organization

20+ [Mostly] Free Competitive Intelligence Resources to Learn Best Practices

Business Case Template: The Case for Competitive Intelligence

How to Go Head-to-Head: Great Competitive Comparison Pages

What We Can Learn From Our Competitors' Customers

Your Competitive Intelligence SWOT Cheat Sheet

How to Leverage Competitor Product Reviews In Your Competitive Analysis

Market Intelligence: The Advantage Millions of Businesses Miss

How and Why to Learn from Aspirational Competitors

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How to Make Product Marketing Strategic: Start with Understanding the Market

Trends from the 1,000 Best Landing Pages [New Data]

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Seeking Input from Professional Marketers

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