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Analyze and present market and competitive insights to executive stakeholders with these five easy to use editable templates.

With market movements and competitive shifts in rapid flux, executive leadership needs guidance from their marketing and CI teams now more than ever.  

These 5 executive briefing templates will enable you to summarize market and competitive data for stakeholders in a way that helps them make strategic decisions and continuously update findings.

Offer includes:

  • 5 editable PPT templates packed with essential market and competitive data for sales, marketing, CI, and more
  • Companion Excel template to help you collect and analyze market and competitive data
  • Bonus templates for tracking COVID-19 market trends

Download these free templates and get ready to wow your executive team!

Templates include:

  • Quarterly Competitive Summary
  • Competitive Marketing Summary
  • Competitive Sales Summary
  • COVID-19 Trends
  • COVID-19 Command Center

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