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Entries related to: copywriting

How to Go Head-to-Head: Great Competitive Comparison Pages

When you’re in a crowded market, it seems like every sales conversation is a competitive one. “How are you different from Product X?” “We already use Product Y. Why would we need your product?” “I hate Product Z. How are you better?”

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3 Ways to Write Headlines That Turn Heads

The following is a guest post by Kimberly Crossland (@SavvyCopywriter), founder at The Savvy Copywriter, LLC. Kimberly is a fierce and curious writer, marketing wonk, and Vice President and Communications chair at the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce.

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4 Before & After Copywriting Tweaks to Increase Conversions

I’ve been known to write a hard-hitting, cognitively intense copywriting tutorial or two.

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50 Headlines Containing 5 Words or Less

Concise headlines are a struggle for a number of marketing teams. While the purpose of copywriting is to quickly convince a visitor to take an action, too many times websites are overloaded with superflouous copy and boring industry jargon.

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