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Featuring conversations from Crayon's VP of Product Marketing and the brightest minds in competitive intelligence, Into the Fray is a podcast offering actionable insights on how CI can transform your entire organization.


In the fifth installment of Into the Fray, Erik sits down with Steve Hernan, Senior Manager of Strategic Business Intelligence at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The pair discuss how competitive intelligence has evolved over the past decade, what it looks like now, and where it's headed in the future.


In the fourth installment of Into the Fray, Erik sits down with Holly Jackson, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Talkdesk. The pair discuss how product marketers can build credibility as the owner of a CI program.


In the third installment of Into the Fray, Erik sits down with Patrick Wall, Head of Competitive Intelligence at Imperva. The pair discuss how to create a culture of competitive intelligence, as well as the role of competition as a catalyst for collaboration.


In the second installment of Into the Fray, Erik sits down with August Jackson, Senior Director of Market and Competitive Intelligence at Deltek. The pair discuss the role of short- and long-term planning in a competitive intelligence program, focusing specifically on how to plot a set of CI initiatives on a yearly or quarterly basis. Along the way, they touch on a number of related topics, including SWOT analysis, stakeholders, and KPIs.


In the first episode of Into the Fray, Erik sits down with Fiona Finn, Director of Product Marketing at jane.app. The pair discuss the ROI of competitive intelligence and the ways in which product marketers can measure the success of their CI efforts—in both tangible and intangible ways.


About the host

Erik Mansur is our VP of Product Marketing here at Crayon, responsible for overseeing go-to-market strategy, customer marketing, branding & visual design, and, of course, competitive intelligence. A storyteller throughout his career, Erik had stints in radio (as a DJ), print (as a layout guy), and concerts (as a digital marketer) before spending 10 years living that #startuplife at Nanigans and WordStream.

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