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Lessons from the Top 100 People Pages on Marketing Your Company Culture

Posted by Ellie Mirman on Fri Mar 31, 2017 08:30 AM

A marketer's role is not just to promote the company's product, but also promote the company's team. After all, it's the employees who build the product, bring in new business, and work with customers day after day. A company can't be successful without a great team behind it, so it's critical to attract and retain great talent.

So how are marketers promoting their teams to attract talent? How do they use their About, Team, and Jobs pages to communicate their culture and values? What does this content also say to potential customers who are looking to get a behind the scenes view of a potential partner?

We looked at the top 100 people pages from Inspire, Crayon's web design catalogue for marketing design inspiration, based on popularity among Crayon users. What did we learn from the best of the best?

Check out the full collection: Crayon's Most Popular People Pages, Q1 2017.

Show Your Friendly Face

Most of the top people pages involved not just photos of the teams, but specifically informal or candid photos. These photos made the companies seem approachable and fun, a great place to work. Each company took a different approach - some took group photos, some showed executive leadership with funny props, some showed people at work throughout the office. It is well worth it to have a photographer take shots at team events or even gather a casual office photoshoot to create content for the website and social profiles.

Nomad, Method, and Mapbox all leveraged employee photos in different ways




A Video is Worth a Thousand Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a thousand pictures. Some companies leveraged multimedia on their people pages to give a deeper view into the culture of the team. Some companies had a general "what it's like to work here" video, and some companies created multiple videos, each focused on a different department, role, or aspect of the company.

EasySignMobile's Jobs Page features a video front and center


Talk About Values

A company doesn't just want to attract any potential employee, they want to attract the right employees that will embody the company's values. One strategy for making this happen is to communicate those values on the website. This can energize the right candidates and turn away the candidates that would be neither happy nor successful due to culture fit.

DataSift includes a video as well as an overview of their culture on their Jobs page


Beat the Drum of the Mission

Finally, a key part of attracting talent in a competitive candidate marketplace is getting people excited about the company mission. In talking about the mission, companies often shared their history and founding, as well as the impact they're having. Some leveraged video, and some had this coming directly from the founders themselves.

DuckDuckGo, Ericsson, and Bitly all have website sections dedicated to their mission




Check out all 100 designs in the collection: Crayon's Most Popular People Pages, Q1 2017.

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