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Product Marketing vs. Product Management: Understanding the Two Roles

Product Marketing and Product Management are integral roles in every product-focused organization. Both roles have their own unique responsibilities, but in order for a company to be successful, these two teams need to divide and conquer product tasks. Creating, marketing, and iterating on products would not be possible without collaboration between the two teams. So, where exactly is the line between the two departments? Let’s take a look at how product marketing and product management differ, and how they work together for success.

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Why Competitor Battlecards Should Focus on the Entire Sales Funnel

Competitor battlecards have become a popular tool for enabling sales teams, and with good reason. Competitive analyses are more in-depth than what a salesperson needs when they encounter a competitive objection. Effective battlecards provide just enough information for a salesperson to counter those objections without getting lost in the details.

Most organizations only create battlecards designed for their closing sales team. Why should that be the case? Sales functions that occupy other parts of the sales funnel, like sales development and account management, also frequently encounter competitive scenarios. Those teams could use the battlecards created by product marketing or sales enablement, but remember: those battlecards were built for sales reps. Sales development reps and account managers require very different amounts and types of information when they face competitors.

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How to do a Comprehensive Competitor Analysis [+Free Template]

87% of companies say that their market has become more competitive in the last three years, according to the 2019 State of Competitive Intelligence Report. With markets becoming more competitive, doing a thorough competitor analysis is a crucial step to getting a 360 view of the competitive and market landscape. 

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What is a Competitor Analysis?

A competitor analysis is a lot more than a feature comparison sheet. In fact, some competitive intelligence (CI) specialists will say to cover product features last and instead focus on areas like finances, positioning, or campaigns. Ultimately, the most powerful competitor analysis provides a complete view across many aspects of the competitive landscape, including where each company compares to the other on various dimensions.

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How to Do a Market Analysis in 5 Steps

Becoming a market expert is a big undertaking. Markets are large, complex, and constantly changing. But if you’re tasked with tackling a market analysis, here are the steps you can take to get an overview of the market landscape and arm your teams with actionable market insights. 

What is a Market Analysis?

A market analysis investigates the dynamics of a specific market within an industry. This includes looking at the customers, solution providers, and other key players; and analyzing all of their needs, solutions, and contributions to the market. A market analysis may include both quantitative and qualitative evaluations, such as market sizing, customer segmentation, or even political and economic forces that affect the market. Ultimately, a market analysis is meant to be a tool for a business to make sound decisions around investing in or playing in that market.

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