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3 Challenges of Competitive Intelligence Teams - and How to Overcome Them

The following topic is discussed more in depth in "Democratizing Competitive Intelligence to Drive Impact Across the Organization", published in the Summer Edition of Competitive Intelligence Magazine by SCIP.

As companies become more sophisticated about their competitive intelligence efforts, they often form a dedicated, centralized team to support the rest of the business’s competitive strategy. A centralized team comes with its benefits, but there are also a number of challenges they face when it comes to driving impact across the business. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of a centralized CI team - and how to overcome the common challenges.

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Why and How to Track Website Changes on Your Competitors’ Websites

A website says a lot about a company - who they are, what they’re selling, how to contact them, and more. That all seems pretty typical of what you’d expect to find when you look at a company website. But, did you know that a company website can also give away hidden information? Without even realizing it, a company’s website is an open door into their business strategy. Websites can highlight essential company changes within their messaging, team updates, pricing updates, and product updates. If you track website changes of your competitors’ sites, you can gain insight into their strategy. Let’s dive into some examples of different updates and ways you can benefit from tracking these website changes.

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How to Do a Win / Loss Analysis (with Examples and Resource Links)

Why are we winning or losing? How often do we win against competitors, or in the enterprise, or in the healthcare vertical? The answers to these questions are crucial to understand how to build a successful business and improve across sales, marketing, product, and services. How do you gather and analyze this data? Let’s dive into what a win / loss analysis is, how to calculate your win / loss ratios, and best practices for cutting the data to discover insights for improving those win rates.

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20 Product Marketing Resources Recommended by Product Marketing Experts

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s important to keep learning, growing, and developing new skills. Great product marketers have a wide range of skills and responsibilities, so there are many relevant resources that could help someone progress in their career.

We asked product marketing experts what they think are the most valuable product marketing resources and here’s what they said.

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