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8 Best Practices for Effective Sales Battlecards

Competitor battlecards are one of the most common sales enablement tools businesses create today. Battlecards are one of the key ways that a business can translate competitive intelligence into strategies for a sales team to win more deals and bring in more revenue. Battlecards provide an overview of a specific competitor’s company, products, and services, and provide guidelines on how to win a deal against that competitor.

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The Best Sales Enablement Tool Just Got Better: Introducing Crayon Battlecards

The speed of competition has never been faster. Over the last decade, innovations like Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing have allowed companies to improve their products, change their positioning, and find new verticals to sell into at an incredible rate. Unfortunately, product marketing and sales enablement professionals still lack the tools to keep their sales team up to date with relevant information. Today, we’re aiming to change that with the release of Crayon Battlecards.

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Get Out of Your Head: How Competitive Intelligence Can Help you Create Messaging That Resonates

Nailing messaging and positioning is one of the toughest tasks for product marketers. Hours of countless market research, talking with the sales team, big (and sometimes expensive) branding exercises—all in an effort to craft the Most Perfect Messaging Ever. Unfortunately, once you have your Most Perfect Messaging Ever, it often does not resonate with your market in the way you expected. What gives?

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8 Sources of Competitive Intelligence to Boost Your Market Research

In order to successfully sell your product, you need to have a complete understanding of your market. You need to understand the needs and pain points of your market to successfully position your products, execute product launches, and keep internal teams up to date on market trends. So, where can you gather all of this intel? Let's take a look at eight sources of competitive intelligence that will help boost your market research. 

Download the Guide to Competitive Intelligence for Product Marketing

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