Learn how to overcome the challenge of measuring impact plus get the key metrics to track

The challenge of measuring product marketing success is not a new one. Product marketing sits at the intersection of every department, from sales to product to executive leadership, and drives both strategy and tactics. With such a diverse and interconnected function, it's no surprise that it's challenging to measure.

While it is difficult, it is not impossible to measure the impact of product marketing. This guide dives into each of the areas we need to understand to create a blueprint for measuring product marketing success, including:

  • The Role of Product Marketing
  • Challenges with Measuring Impact
  • Key Product Marketing Metrics
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Metrics
  • How to Overcome Measurement Challenges

This 20+ page guide also comes with a companion Excel template to track and present the metrics discussed in the guide. Download the free guide + template now to start evaluating your own product marketing success.

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