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Why Artificial Intelligence is the Ultimate CI Colleague with Lauren Kersanske, Senior Marketing Manager at Crayon

AI is here, and it’s changing the game for CI. This change is a positive one - AI is quickly becoming the ultimate CI colleague, uncovering intelligence better and faster, and lifting up the CI professional to have a greater impact on their organization. 

Join Lauren Kersanske, Senior Marketing Manager at Crayon to learn how AI is not replacing — but rather enhancing — the job of the CI professional. 

This webinar will cover:

  • How AI is being folded into CI technologies 
  • How CI technology is enhancing the CI professional's role
  • Best practices for leveraging AI with humans to achieve CI success



Lauren Kersanske, Senior Marketing Manager at Crayon

headshot-1Lauren Kersanske is Senior Marketing Manager at Crayon, the market and competitive intelligence company. Prior to Crayon, she was the Senior Demand Generation Manager at Cybereason, where she built and led digital strategy across the team including campaigns, lead nurturing, conversion optimization, ABM, and more. Previously, she was the Marketing Director at Hexadite, a cybersecurity startup acquired by Microsoft for $100 million, and HubSpot, as Lead Nurturing Manager for North America. Lauren loves the (good) chaos of startup life and plans on doing it again and again.

This webinar is sponsored by SCIP (Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals). 

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