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Sit Back and Learn From 6 Incredible Product Marketing Leaders

Get hours of insights & expertise from the best product marketers out there. 

Check out these jam-packed sessions from the best product marketers in the industry. From competitive intelligence, KPI frameworks, positioning, to sales enablement, this event is packed with actionable insights that will help you level up your skills and transform your organization.

The Sessions

Check out all of these great sessions from the best product marketers in the industry.

Session 1

Hiring and Getting Hired as a Product Marketer in 2020

Presented by Kelly Esten, VP of Product and Partner Marketing at Toast.

Hiring managers will learn where to find great PMMs, what to look for and how to interview. PMMs and aspiring PMMs will learn how to position themselves to get the best role, how to network and find a job and how to adapt their job search strategy in light of COVID-19.

Session 2

Turning Your Competitive Intelligence into Action

Presented by Jake Godgart, Product Marketing Manager at Rapid7.

Product marketers agree that competitive intelligence is crucial to understanding and winning your market, but how do you make it actionable? Join Jake Godgart to learn how you can efficiently gather intelligence and then leverage it to do things like inform product roadmaps, iterate on messaging, and win more deals.

Session 3

Introducing: Narrative Design - How to Tell a Story People Can't Ignore

Presented by Marcus Andrews, Product Marketing at HubSpot.

Standard product positioning isn't cutting it anymore as a tool to differentiate and standout. Categories are too crowded, everyone is taking the same approach, and the technology landscape is packed with lookalikes. But some companies still do it. These companies don't play by the rules. They make their own rules, and their own game. Companies like HubSpot, Drift, Gainsight. They do it with a new process called Narrative Design. Join this session to understand the process and dive inside the minds of the narrative designers.

Session 4

Product Marketing in a Remote World

Presented by Jessica Webb, Product Marketing Senior Team Lead at Trello.

Product marketing is one of the most visible, cross-functional positions in an organization. So how do you do it effectively in this new, remote world? Jessica Webb, member of the world-class remote product marketing team at Trello, will provide actionable insights into how to you can be an effective remote PMM. From launching products, enabling sales, to communicating with stakeholders, you'll learn how to continue making an impact on your organization from anywhere in the world.

Session 5

The Enablement Imperative
Presented by Stephen Brown, Director of Product Marketing at Highspot.
Modern product marketing drives revenue, customer satisfaction, and retention. The days of simply packaging features into messaging and content are over. Product marketing must now enable all customer-facing teams to have effective customer conversations that will drive strategic growth. With the stakes higher than ever before, how can you turn your enablement strategy into action? Join this session to find out!

Session 6

How to Measure the Impact of Product Marketing

Presented by Ellie Mirman, CMO of Crayon.

Product marketing is a diverse function that serves many stakeholders, so it's no surprise that defining KPIs and measuring success are major challenges for product marketers everywhere. This session explains how product marketers can define, analyze, and report on key success metrics to show their impact on their organization.

Our Amazing Speakers

We're not playing around—we've brought you the A Team of Product Marketers, all from top-tier companies. 👏


Kelly Esten

Vice President of Product and Partner Marketing, Toast


Jake Godgart

Product Marketing Manager, Rapid7


Marcus Andrews

Product Marketing, HubSpot


Jessica Webb

Product Marketing Senior Team Lead, Trello


Stephen Brown

Director of Product Marketing, Highspot


Ellie Mirman

Chief Marketing Officer, Crayon

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