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Measure the qualitative and quantitative metrics that can be used to assess the impact of product marketing activities

Unlike other marketing disciplines, product marketing is notoriously difficult to measure. This can lead to other departments, including leadership, to have a foggy understanding of the impact product marketing can make. With such a breadth of responsibilities, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

Meet your new starting point. 

These templates can be used to identify which qualitative and quantitative metrics can be used to assess the impact of product marketing activities. With a combination of Excel templates for your own number crunching and Powerpoint slides to present the results, this kit has everything you need to measure, iterate, and report on everything your product marketing organizations produces. 

Download the templates for:

  • Multiple quantitative & qualitative angles to measure PMM impact
  • An extensive, editable Excel workbook to aid in measurement
  • 30+ editable slides to analyze & present results

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