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Sit back and learn From 6 incredible Competitive Intelligence leaders in this on-demand bootcamp.

Get hours of insights & expertise from the best product marketers out there.

Check out these jam-packed sessions from the best CI professionals in the industry. From CI career development, remote CI, to how CI is being impacted in today's environment, these sessions are packed with actionable insights that will help you level up your skills and transform your organization.

Session 1: Fully Remote CI: How to Enable Sales and Share Insights When Everyone is Stuck at Home

Session 2: Beyond Marketing: Career Options for Competitive Intelligence Professionals

Session 3: Making Sense of a Fast-Moving World Awash in Information with STEEP Analyis

Session 4: Briefing Executives on Market Events with Dashboards

Session 5: Measuring ROI on Competitive Intelligence Programs

Session 6: Where is CI Going? Trends From the State of Competitive Intelligence

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