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Sit Back and Learn From 6 Incredible Revenue Leaders

Get hours of insights & expertise from the best revenue leaders out there. 

Check out these jam-packed sessions from the best revenue leaders in the industry. Each of our speakers offer fresh perspectives across key revenue functions such as sales, marketing, customer success, and executive strategy. These sessions are packed with actionable insights that will help you level up your skills and adapt to this new world.

The Sessions

Session 1

Fueling Reliable Revenue Through Customer Experience

Presented by Julie Hogan, VP of Customer Experience at Drift

Your customers are in crisis. But, they arrived here through the best intentions. We’re in the age of “Customer Obsession”, “Customer Centricity”, “Customer First” and every other customer-something slogan. And what is the answer to “Who owns the customer?” (hint, it’s EVERYONE.)

This sounds amazing, but the execution of these intentions are unorganized, creating chaos for your customers. Too many surveys, too many touches without accountability or measurement,  and not enough follow-up, value or results. 

If this sounds like your customer’s world, join this session as Julie shares 3 learnings from building Customer Experience from the ground up that will help redirect your customer centric efforts toward repeatability, reliability and revenue.

Session 2

Executing Account Based Strategy for Sales & Marketing Teams

Presented by Sydney Sloan, CMO of SalesLoft

Join Sydney Sloan to learn about the new approaches to an account based strategy for sales and marketing teams.

Session 3

Fireside Chat with Mike Volpe, CEO of Lola

Sit down with Mike Volpe, CEO of Lola, to hear how he navigated his company through this unprecedented crisis.

Session 4

Benchmark Data: Lessons from 70k Companies Navigating the Health and Economic Crisis

Presented by Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP of Marketing at HubSpot

Since the start of the COVID crisis, HubSpot has been tracking anonymized marketing and sales performance trends across more than 70 thousand companies worldwide. Collectively these benchmarks provide a signal to how the pandemic and economic crisis has reshaped buying behavior across industries, company sizes and regions. This talk will weave those data insights with stories from individual companies that have used this unprecedented moment as a way to accelerate innovation.

Session 5

Why Customer Success Belongs in Marketing

Presented by Jeanne Hopkins, CRO of SquadLocker

If your marketing budget was cut by 50%, where would you spend your time? For Jeanne Hopkins, the answer is clear: “I’d spend less time on prospect marketing and more time on customer marketing.”

The customer experience is critical to building long-term, successful relationships with customers, both before and after the sale. This comes from the collaboration between customer marketing (to generate leads to create the sale) and customer success (everything that follows the sale) - the Dynamic Duo of marketing today.

Join this session to learn just how and why to make customer success a marketing priority in a time where the customer experience matters more than anything.

Session 6

How Well Do You Pivot?

Presented by John Judge, SVP of Sales at Crayon

Every industry has been dramatically impacted by the market and health crisis experienced across the globe. Sales teams in particular have had their worlds turned upside down. So how do you keep your team focused, executing, and growing revenue? How do you actually take advantage of this unique time in history to not just keep up but actually exceed your goals and level up your team?

Join this session to learn how to level up your sales team’s skills, motivation, messaging, and more, all while navigating a market and health crisis.

Our Amazing Speakers

We're not playing around—we're bringing you the A Team of revenue leaders, all from top-tier companies. 👏


Jeanne Hopkins

Chief Revenue Officer at SquadLocker


Mike Volpe

Chief Executive Officer at Lola


Meghan Keaney Anderson

Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot


Julie Hogan

VP of Customer Experience at Drift


Sydney Sloan

Chief Marketing Officer at SalesLoft


John Judge

SVP of Sales at Crayon


Ellie Mirman

Chief Marketing Officer & Event Host, Crayon

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