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Competitive Intelligence Adoption: Strategies for Building a CI Culture at your Company

Watch now so you can discover how to increase internal adoption of your CI program.

A competitive intelligence (CI) culture doesn’t happen overnight - internal adoption is crucial. Without it, your CI program won’t grow. But internal adoption takes serious time and effort.

During this one hour live session, Crayon sat down with three successful Competitive Intelligence practitioners to talk about all things adoption, including:

  • Ways to incentivize change management across departments
  • How to create influencers within your company to show others the path to CI success
  • The role technology plays in getting competitive intel into the right hands at the right time

Watch the on-demand recording to see how Carolyn Klinger of Affinity, Darrin Helsel of Gainsight, and Tim Rhodes of Apprize360 on improve CI adoption across their companies. 

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